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Pipe Desk Frames

A Desk Frame that can be used with Any Table Top!

Our kits allow you to turn just about any table top into the perfect desk or table. Use our frames to support a table top made of wood, granite, steel, glass, you name it. Specify the size of your table top and the height of the frame and we will send you the parts you need to build an industrial looking pipe frame that will work with any kind of table top material. You supply the table top, we supply the industrial pipe base, and together you have a unique piece of furniture that will provide you with a custom, ergonomic fit.

Table Frame Kits Come in Four Styles

Each of the table frame kits can be customized to work with the size of your table top.

Basic Pipe Desk Frame


The BASIC kit has four legs and an "H" frame that connects and stabilizes the legs. The footing can be a simple plug or a caster to create a rolling desk.


Basic Pipe Desk Frame

Adjustable Height

This kit is similar to the BASIC kit in it's simplicity, but with the added feature of being able to adjust the height of the desk. This is a great desk frame that can be used to create a sitting or standing desk.


Basic Pipe Desk Frame


Modeled after the original "Maker Table", this desk could literally support a ton of weight. This desk is overbuilt to give it a rugged, industrial look.


Basic Pipe Desk Frame


The Z-FRAME is great to use when you are looking for a unique look or need to support the middle of a large table top. The middle support provides additional reinforcement to the table top This design is great to use with glass tops.



Custom Options Available

We've been designing custom pipe frames for tables, desks and work benches for years. We have taken that experience and made it even easier for you to build a pipe frame for your table with the options you see above. If none of the kits listed above fit your needs, you can always go with a custom option. Our sales team will be happy to work with you to design a desk or table pipe frame that will fit your requirements.

Be Inspired by Our Past Customers

Our customers have come up with so many amazing desks and tables over the years. Take a few minutes to peruse our photo galleries and blog posts that show how they have used pipe fittings to build modern furniture with a custom fit.