10 Lakefront Handrails to Inspire You

Lakeside Retaining Wall Guardrail

Having fun in the sun, down by the lake, is an amazing way to spend time with family and friends. Safely getting there or being safe while you’re there isn’t something you want to worry about.

That’s why so many people install handrails and guardrails on their property. This is something that you don’t have to think about once it’s installed and everyone can focus on making memories.

Here are 10 ways that handrails have been installed near the waterfront.

Stair Handrail for Your Lakefront Facing Deck

Lakeside Deck Stair Railing

Adding a handrail to open stairs for your backyard deck is a great way to help your guests start their journey to enjoying the lake. Dave installed our aluminum kee klamp railing to do just this. You could also use our offset aluminum surface-mounted handrail kit.

Handrail for Your Dock Gangway

Handrail on a Dock Gangway

Here’s an example of using a handrail to give someone a gripping surface while walking across a gangway to your dock. You can use galvanized steel Kee Klamps like Del. Or you can use an extended adjustable handrail kit.

Unique Dock Stair Railing

Oar Railing for a Dock Stairway

You don’t have to use pipe for the handrail every time. Carl chose to use an oar for his handrail while using our Kee Klamp posts from our classic offset handrail kit, adding a strong foundation for this creative and befitting style.

Lakefront Deck Railing

Lakeside Deck Guardrail

Having a cozy place to sit while enjoying a lakeside view is so much sweeter when you’re not worried about falling into said lake. Dennis used Kee Klamp fittings and pipe between wooden posts to make a strong and protective barrier without limiting the view.

Lake Access Stair Handrail

Lake Access Stairs with Handrail

Sometimes you just need a hand while stepping into the cold water. Whether it’s a pool or a lake, a handrail makes this so much easier. To do this, use our classic adjustable handrail kit like David did.

Handrail for Backyard Stairs to the Lake

Lakeside Backyard Stairs with Handrail

Dave used the signature offset handrail kit to provide a safe handhold for his backyard stairs. No one wants to accidentally tumble down some concrete stairs on their way to some fun in the lake.

Multi-Level Lake Access Stair Handrail

Long Staircase to Lake with Handrail

A handrail doesn’t have to follow every landing on the way down to the water. Dennis used multiple limited handrail kits to provide a strong handhold while making the trek down to the lake.

Natural Stone Access Handrail

Natural Stone Stairs to Lake with Handrail

Some of the best access points to a lake are the ones we mold right out of what’s already there. Take a look at how Don added a handrail to this natural stone staircase to keep both the aesthetic and safety.

Double-Sided Dock Gangway Railing

Dock Gangway with Handrail

It’s good to have a railing on any exposed side to help reduce the risk of falling into a lake when you’re not ready. Alex used our Kee Klamp system to make a handrail that is also attached to the side of the gangway to allow for the most clear space while walking across to the dock.

Lake Retaining Wall Guardrail

Lakefront Retaining Wall Stair Access with Guardrail

Kee Klamp fittings can be used to make an industrial safety guardrail like the one Eric installed. Eric used aluminum pipe and fittings to help with the corrosive nature of water and metal.

There are a lot of ways that you can incorporate a railing near the waterfront. If you’re not sure which metal to use, then here’s a guide on why you would choose aluminum or galvanized steel.

You’re also not alone. You can use our handrail kits or you can contact our experts and we will help you make these decisions and design the railing that best suits your needs.

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