Upgrade Your Handrail - Make it ADA Compliant

ADA compliance is a requirement on many public buildings. Sometimes the existing handrails in a place of business are not ADA compliant. Our ADA handrail system can be used to upgrade an existing hand railing to make it ADA Compliant.

Depending on what type of existing handrail you're upgrading, you can either clamp on to existing tubular type handrail systems with the use of use specially designed add-on fittings or bolt onto a flat surface.

Fixing the new hand railing onto an existing structure is a snap and our expert staff can help you identify the pieces you need to assemble the railing properly.

Examples of ADA Upgraded Railings





Where To Get Started

If you're looking to upgrade your current railing into an ADA-compliant railing, we would suggest taking a look at our ADA installation and guidelines page for guidance on using our Kee Access ADA fittings. You can also reach out to our ADA and design assistance team for more information. They've helped thousands of people become ADA compliant and would love to assist you as well!

Our Team is Here to Help

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Our experts will help you select the items you need to create your project.

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