The Creation of U2D2 (The Uh-1 Utility Desk of DOOM)

Idea origin This project was the byproduct of a series of events. For the past 2 years, I have been lurking on the Guitar Center website for this awesome $200 studio desk. It was an absolute perfect addition to my growing media production company. Unfortunately, I lagged on making the purchase since camera equipment was higher priority. Anywho, I finally had some disposable income to get the desk and surely enough the Guitar center computer desk was discontinued. In a fritz, I search for alternatives but was defeated with disappointment. However, I did come across Simplified building concepts by browsing google images. I am ashamed to say that DIY never occurred to me in this situation. Fortunately, I came across a fellow user's desk build adventure and became motivated. I am not claiming my desk is an original idea. In fact, majority of the concept is based on the link below.

Ergonomic Computer Desk

Planning In the other user's post, he claimed that this project would cost about $350. My goal was to keep it under $250. With that said, I sacrificed the Articulating Keyboard Unit. I found that the majority of the cost would be destroyed by the klee klamps and flanges themselves. I cut cost by designing a table with 5 legs instead of 6. I compensated weight distribution by having the center leg be half the length of all the rest. This leg would rest on a support beam attached to the outer legs. My desk would be a U shape that measured 3x6. As a video production editor, I needed a desk that was wide enough hold a 27'' imac and a 23'' cinema display. In addition, operate with a lot of external hard drives so I planned to add a 4' long riser shelf 6 inches above the table. This would add an aesthetic look the both supported the displays and allowed me to stack external hard drives under the riser. As much as I wanted to use klee klamps for the project, I saved a lot of money by just getting 1/2'' conduit pipe and flange for the shelf support at home depot. I think Simplified Building Concepts will forgive me for that cheat. :/ Supply list L10-7 x7 L61-7 x5 MDF 4x8 3/4' thickness Fence post 8'x2 6'x1 The overall project itself is like 3/10 in difficulty. Since I tend to be pretty tight with money, this had to be perfect and so far it has been. I saved a lot of time and money with the help of my god father who gave me access to awesome power tools of death as well as cutting down the pipes to the right size. Also I want to point out that home depot saved me a lot of hassle by cutting down the MDF board. Thanks papa! Cost of this beautiful nightmare The desk is still needing to be painted but so far the project total is at $250. I need to get the small conduit and flange x6 to mount the top shelf. A bit more expensive than I anticipated but the gratification of making my own desk as well as the girlfriend admitting to U2D2's awesomeness is well worth the cost. Project total $300 or so. U2D2 is now a beautiful butterfly. Random note: The riser shelf is held on by bolts and nuts so it can easily be removed if needed. - Angelo

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