How We Helped Famah Create a Custom Clothing Rack Warehouse

Warehouse Clothing Racks

Independent style consultants are on the rise.

This is a good thing. Because some people, like me, need the help.

Some independent consultants will keep an inventory readily available to make sure your new style is in stock. Designing a space to house your inventory can feel overwhelming.

Sometimes, you just need a little inspiration. That’s what happened to Famah.

Famah is an independent style consultant. She wanted to build a custom clothing rack infrastructure for a new studio. Where do you go to find inspiration and options?

Google, of course.

She discovered a project where we helped another customer, Emily, build custom retail clothing racks. Famah was attracted to the fact that Emily’s husband and father were able to build the system in a single morning.

If Emily could do it, so could Famah. Famah reached out to Nate Haley, one of our project specialists, to help her finish her business vision.

Here is why Famah chose to work with Nate and use Kee Klamp fittings to build her custom clothing racks.

Heavy-Duty Clothing Racks for an Independent Consultant

The biggest concern that Famah had was weight. She had a lot of clothing and wanted to make sure that any racking would be able to support her merchandise.

No one wants to show up in their studio and find a broken rack and clothing spilled all over the floor. Not to mention, this would also be a huge safety concern if someone was there when it happened.

That’s why she chose to use our heavy-duty, steel custom racks. She wanted the confidence that her vast inventory would be supported. Changing from summer to winter also meant heavier clothing. She didn’t want to worry about how her clothing racks would fair after the change in seasons.

Imagine not having to wince when you see the bar bending down because you put one too many shirts on the rack.

Heavy-duty racks allowed her to organize her product without having to compromise the layout for fear of breaking a rack. Colors and styles could stay together.

Clothing Racks that Can Fill Your Space Well

Layout Design for Clothing Racks

Maximizing the space you have is essential in a business. One more rack means you can offer more diversity to your clients.

However, standard clothing racks limit you by their fixed design.

Famah’s space had tall ceilings and she wanted to take advantage of that. She worked with Nate to design a clothing rack that would be as tall as it could be, while stretching from wall to wall.

They went back and forth on the design, making sure to work around any obstacles. The rack would conform around the pipe and ductwork hanging from the ceiling. Nate was also able to help her design the racks to straddle the doorway, so that access was not prevented.

Nate used stabilizer bars to connect the various rows of clothing racks to further strengthen the units. Famah decided that these would also make wonderful clothing rack bars. Dual function for the win.

Adjustable Clothing Racks that Change with Your Needs

Famah is an entrepreneur, which means she likes to look ahead. Knowing this, she didn’t want a clothing rack system that boxed her into a single design, even if it was customized to her current needs.

Clothing changes with the seasons. Also, fashion is an ever-evolving institution.

Famah worked with Nate to design a solution for the clothing racks that would allow her to easily modify the height of the racks when her inventory needs changed. Nate changed the standard fittings for ones that would allow each bay to independently change in height.

This meant that a clothing rack section could hold long summer dresses in May and shorter cozy sweaters in October. Just the versatility that Famah was looking for.

Easy-to-Install Clothing Racks

Adding On to Clothing Racks

Remember Emily from the beginning?

Well, Famah was interested in Emily’s story because Emily’s husband and father were able to install the clothing racks. This meant that Famah didn’t need to hire skilled labor to have her vision become reality.

Our custom clothing racks only require a few tools. All Famah needed was a hex key to tighten down the set screws. This is what keeps the clothing racks together.

She decided to mount her clothing racks to the wall, which you should do when you can. She just needed the right drill and the appropriate anchors to do that.

Her pipe was cut to size based on the design she made with Nate. However, Famah found value in the ability to easily make on-the-fly adjustments during installation.

All she needed was pipe cutter or a saws-all with the right blade. This allowed her to adjust her clothing racks when slight alterations to the layout were needed.

It’s that simple. Famah was able to work with her landlord to have her racks installed.

Clothing Racks that Can Grow with You

As I said, Famah knew that she was going to expand in the future and wanted a system that could grow with her.

A year after installing the clothing racks, Famah ordered some additional fittings that allowed her to add additional shelving and clothing racks to her system.

She worked with Nate again to figure out the best way to incorporate her new design into her existing clothing racks. It didn’t take long to pick the right fittings, ship them, and install the brand-new additions to her clothing racks.

Shelves allowed Famah to store bins on top of her clothing racks for smaller items that don’t need hangers. She wanted to continue to take advantage of every square inch of her space. These new shelves let her do just that.

What You Can Do

At the end of the day, Famah enjoyed working with Nate Haley. He helped her bring everything together so she could continue to pursue her entrepreneurial vision. He was even able to connect her old vision with her evolving one.

Just like Famah saw Emily’s project and was filled with inspiration, you too can see Famah and bring reality to your entrepreneurial vision.

If you’re ready to set up your clothing rack system, whether it's as a style consultant or a small boutique, we can help you. Contact one of our specialists.

We’d love to help you realize your business goals.

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