Simple Theater Stage Plans

This simple stage setup was designed by Kurt VanVoorhies of DeTour Village, Michigan for a small town production of The Fantastiks, directed by David Rhinhard of DeTour Village. Kurt was thrilled to discover Kee Klamp and Simplified Building Concepts while investigating a solution for this design, which needed to be cost effective and simple to install. The pipe framework was constructed by Jay Dudeck, of DeTour Village, and assembled by him together with other volunteers.

Here is what Kurt had to say about putting this project together:

...first assemble the trapezoidal framework on top of the 4'x8' platform (illustrated in the drawing), and then to insert the 6 vertical posts down through the fittings, two of them through the 61-5 fittings, the remainder into four custom 9" long blocks that I maded from 1.75" x 8" stock in which I cut grooves to accept the vertical pipes. These blocks were bolted to the sides of the platform to provide for rigidizing the verical poles in bending. The trapezoidal assembly was then lifted up the vertical pipes and secured thereto at the working height.
The original set specs called for 1.5" pipe, and was slightly larger in span and height than ours. (Our platform is 8' wide, the specs called for a 12' wide platform with a 10' span between the central vertical posts). ... the framework ... is quite rigid, even though we used 3/4" pipe. The set uses drapes that are hung from the sides of the vertical pipes. We are going to use hose clamps to secure hooks to these pipes for this purpose.

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