Side Mounted Dock Railing with Built-In Gate

Dock Railing with Gate

When accessing a dock, a railing provides an extra layer of fall protection. The railing keeps people from falling into the water and it also keep unauthorized people off of the dock. This dock railing, sent in by one our customers, shows how simply a Kee Klamp railing can be attached to an existing dock structures.

Because Kee Klamp fittings are fully galvanized they make a great choice when used in damp environments.

Dock Railing with Gate

Through the use of the Kee Klamp 68 Wall Mounted Flange, the railing is attached to the side of the wooden joist. The three mounting holes allow the pipe fitting to be securely mounted to the side of the dock. In this case the flange was screwed into the wooden joist underneath the dock, but it can also be easily mounted to concrete, brick or steel.

Dock Railing with Gate

The uprights of the dock railing consists of 26 Two Socket Crosses in the middle and the 25 Three Socket Tee on the top of the pipe railing.

Dock Railing with Gate

One of the most unique features of this railing is the integrated gate. The gate itself is made up of four Elbow fittings and two Tees.

Dock Railing with Gate

The gate is attached to the rest of the railing through the use of the pin and eye fittings. These fittings allow for the construction of a simple gate hinge. The gate is secured through a clever spring loaded latch that was devised by the customer.

Dock Railing with Gate

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