Retrofitting Existing Wooden Railing to Become ADA Compliant

Retrofitted Wooden Railing ADA Compliant

Building a railing that complies with ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) code and regulations can be a tricky and daunting task. For the most part, ready-to-install systems are not readily available, and getting a welded solution can require specific permits and specialized labor that can get costly fast.

Luckily, Kee Access structural pipe fittings and pipe make it simple to comply with ADA requirements and keep users safe. Kee Access fittings are made of quality galvanized steel and are designed to be as easy to install as possible while lasting years over traditional welded railings. The system is modular and requires only basic tools which eliminate the need for expensive welding permits and specialized labor. There are also a wide variety of different Kee Access fittings to allow for a compliant railing to be installed on any ramp or set of stairs. This all makes it very simple to construct an handicap railing with ease.

Take Tony from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL for example. His construction company was tasked with constructing a cost-effective and high-quality ADA-compliant railing system for a local church. After much consideration, Tony decided to use the Kee Access system for the railing.

In Tony’s case, he needed to retrofit an existing wooden guardrail to become ADA compliant rather than tearing it down completely to build new rails. Thanks to Kee Access structural pipe fittings, this was an easy task. Let’s take a deeper look into the project.

Tony’s ADA Railing Project

ADA Rail for Ramp and Steps

As you can tell by the completed project, Tony needed a system that could attach to an existing wooden guardrail while spanning both a large section of ramp and some steps. In order to do this, he used some of our most basic Kee Access ADA fittings. They are:

These fittings allowed the construction of an ADA-compliant handrail that was completely smooth and continuous while also allowing any necessary bends or curves to be made. Most of our Kee Access fittings utilize 514-7 - Internal Couplings that allow the joining of pipe and fittings without the need for a drill or wrap-around design.

Some More Pictures of Tony’s Completed Project

ADA Rail Attached to Wooden Rail

ADA Rail Attached to Wooden Rail

ADA Rail Attached to Wooden Rail

ADA Rail Attached to Wooden Rail

Additional ADA Resources

Even with Kee Access structural pipe fittings making constructing an ADA-compliant handrail system simple, understanding what is needed to make a railing ADA-compliant isn’t always easy. We’ve compiled a list of ADA “need-to-knows” in one easy-to-understand ADA manual. The ADA manual can be downloaded in PDF format by clicking on the image below. We also offer ADA railing kits that fit most stair applications.

Simplified ADA Railing Manual

Need Some Personalized Assistance Becoming ADA Compliant?

No matter which way you approach ADA compliance, it can be a tricky subject that you don’t want to get wrong. Sometimes, having someone to guide you through the process is the best way to ensure that you’ve got the best tools and resources to construct your own ADA-compliant railing system.

If you need somewhere to start, feel free to reach out to our ADA team for free design assistance. Our team of ADA experts can help you with your project from start to finish to ensure it is a success. They are well-versed in the ADA code and have assisted countless Kee Access customers with their railings over the years. They’d be honored to play a part in assisting with yours as well!

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