Repairing a Pipe Handrail with Kee Klamp Railing Fittings

Pipe Handrail Repair

Welded handrail has a nasty habit of becoming rusted through at the joints. Welding removes the corrosion resistant galvanization on pipe railing. In most cases a painted galvanization it is re-applied, but this never brings the same corrosion resistance as standard galvanization. If your handrail is rusting at the joints, all is not lost! Handrail repair is possible! Using pipe railing fittings such as Kee Klamp and Kee Lite railing fittings, you can repair your railing without completely replacing the entire handrail.

Repair a Pipe Railing

A customer of ours sent us these pictures to give us an example of how to repair a rusty handrail with Kee Klamp pipe fittings. As you can see their railing has a lot of bends and turns which would have made it expensive and difficult to replace. Instead of replacing the entire handrail they cut out the rusty joints and inserted Kee Klamp railing fittings. This brought the railing to life all over again with minimal work and cost.

Pipe Railing Repair

Here is what the customer had to say:

This job required replacing an existing damaged handrail with a metal tubing handrail. It required the handrail follow the curves and incline of the existing stairway. I used one 90 degree elbow and several 30-45 degree adjustable cross connectors which worked perfect. The handrail is very strong and reliable. The customer was very impressed with the finished look and the ingenuity involved in saving this handrail. I was mostly glad I happened across your website when I was searching for a solution to an unusual job request.

Handrail and railing that is constructed with Kee Klamp is superior to welded railing for many reasons, but this project affirms that they are more flexible and more corrosion resistant than welded handrail. Watch this short video from the manufacturer which shows why fittings-based railings are superior to welded railing.

If you have questions about repairing your existing pipe handrail, get in touch with our projects team. They can recommend the right railing fittings and get you on the path to a rust-free handrail.

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