Pull-up Bar, Gymnastic Rings, and possible Hanging Chair Mount

The free standing pull-up bar came to mind when I was looking to buy them on line somewhere. I first looked at the door frame pull-up bars but I knew they were the cheapest gimmick around not very convenient for most door frames and end up damaging them somehow in the long run. I also looked at free standing pull up bars that were available on the market and they did not look like I could really use them safely with the rings without getting one that was so big that it would take up way to much room in the apartment. Once I had found this website, I thought to myself after browsing through the projects that I would make my own design. That was very open and could be used to mount a hanging chair when not in use and be high enough to not really bother anything around it. It was possible with the amount of fittings I had to choose from and their versatility so I had the option to change the design with little effort or to use it on a different structure. I ended up making it out of two 7' 8" pipes and 4' wide bar on top and optional 3 or 2 foot supports front and back on each side for the bottom with two triangular supports on top to keep it from swaying around. When buying the materials it was incredibly easy to find what you needed from the pictures of the fittings and match up all the sizes with their sizing system. The prices are a little high for their fittings but it is understandable when you take in to account the versatility of the product and function. The cost of shipping and handling was not bad for what was being shipped, steel is very heavy and long steel pipe are very odd item to ship. When I got the parts in the mail it was easy to setup and put together. The only problem I had was a design flow I skimped on the lower triangular supports I could not afford the fittings I needed at the time so I decided to try it without them. The end result was better than I expected but still unstable with 7' and 6" in height, it was way too much torque on the bottom fittings. For now it still functional as a pull-up bar and with limited gymnastic rings functionality but I would not use it for a hanging chair or swing on it too much. The fittings are all holding well which is surprising but I won't push it until it is finished by adding two Double Swivel Socket's and 4 45 degree Single Socket Tee's to the bottom two sides. Over all I would say I'm happy with what I got and I look forward to finishing it so it could become fully functional.

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