10+ Porch Railing Designs & Ideas

front porch with small handrail

Your front porch can be a place where you like to sit out and enjoy the weather, or it can be a simple entrance you and your guests use to enter your house. Each porch is different, and it is important when deciding or building a railing that helps both fit the style and look of your porch, as well as providing support for people.

Our pipe and fitting handrails provide the best of both worlds in terms of customization and stability. Here are 12 different porch railing designs to assist you in your next project.

Front Porch Steps Railing

wood front porch with metal handrail

This front porch railing was created for a house built in the 1880’s. The customer, David, wanted to build a railing that would look great and match with the house. He designed this railing, then sprayed it brown using textured brown paint to get the result you see here where the railing blends in and maintains it’s stability.

Simple Front Porch Rail

small front steps with handrail

A simple railing can make your porch much safer during the winter or rainy days. Paul built this railing for his front porch using an Adjustable Simple Railing Kit along with an Obtuse Angle Fitting to make sure the railing reached the wall. He also added an extra upright pipe to ensure proper support.

Raised Porch Railing

elevated front porch and stairs with metal railing

Michael had a 100-year-old porch that was falling apart, so he decided to build a new one. He had gotten several different estimates for different systems for railing, but ultimately decided on Kee Klamp fittings because of the incredible customer service. Our team worked with Michael for months to ensure that he had all the fittings he needed to complete his project.

Porch and Stairs Railing

concrete front steps with gold painted railing

Using two Classic ADA Friendly Handrail Kits, Keith built these porch railings to have additional support on both the stairs and the landing of his front porch. The golden color was chosen to match the brown steps and the siding of the house.

Brick Porch Handrail

brick porch with metal railing

This railing was built so that it goes up the steps and across the front porch to mount on to the wall. Robert used a combination of Kee Klamp fittings for this project including a Surface & Wall Mounting Railing Kit and an Obtuse Angle Elbow Fitting to be able to transition from the steps to the landing. The Swivel Socket fittings allow for the railing to be installed at any angle.

Curved Handrail

front steps with curved handrail

David needed to build a new railing to replace the older one for the owner of a group home in Wisconsin. The owner wanted a railing that would last a long time and brave the elements. David said, “After much research, I went with Kee Klamp fittings and made this rock-solid railing.” Use Obtuse Angle Elbow fittings to get this same curved design.

Offset Simple Handrail

front porch with small handrail

This simple rail design matches perfectly with the colors here on the front porch of this house. Using a Classic Offset Simple Rail Handrail, this railing can be subtle enough to match the house, but effective enough to provide additional support when walking up this porch.

Adjustable Porch Railing Kit

concrete steps leading to brick house

Rick needed a railing for his rental property and this Classic Adjustable Railing Kit was the perfect solution. The railing was simple enough to install on this small porch and didn’t require the cutting or drilling of the pipe. The only part that requires some drilling is the Standard Rail Flange fittings, but the rest can be installed simply with an Allen Wrench.

Small Porch Railing

small step with mounted handrail

Porches and porch railing can be as simple as this. Even if you have just a single step, you can still build a railing for it. Martin installed this railing by simply attaching the grab rail to the wall using a Swivel flange fitting, and the upright support connects to the railing using a Single Swivel Socket fitting.

Dual Handrail System

elderly woman with two handrails on front steps

This customer designed and built a pair of handrails on this front porch for their 86-year-old mother using this Surface & Wall Mounted Railing Kit. The galvanized steel railing is perfect for providing support and stability to anyone walking up even just a couple steps on a small porch.

Wall-Mounted Porch Railing

wall mounted railing on front porch

This porch railing was built using a Hybrid C50/C58 Surface & Wall Mount Railing. The customer, Jacob, installed this railing to provide easier access to his home for his guests. This design also utilizes an Obtuse Angle Elbow fitting and a Side Outlet Elbow fitting to add an additional upright support at the top of the stairs.

Jacob appreciated how easy the fittings are to use which led him to deciding to go with pipe and fittings for his railing system.

Stone Porch Steps Railing

stone step front porch with metal handrail

Anthony wanted to install a railing that would help his mother-in-law up these porch stairs at their family’s summer cottage. He used a Signature Offset Railing Kit which matched the house nicely. He mentioned how sturdy the railing was and appreciated that he wouldn’t have to replace it anytime soon.

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