How to Build a Loft Bed Frame

Kee Klamp Loft Bed Frame

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In this post, we show you how to build a popular loft pipe bed frame found on Pinterest. We walk you through each step you'll need to take to build the frame and provide graphics to better illustrate the instructions.

The frame itself weighs about 180 lbs and totals about $790. The loft bed frame, in the configuration we are showing in this post, measures 84" H x 75" L x 38" W. It is meant to accommodate a twin size mattress. However, the frame could be configured before purchase to fit a larger mattress if desired.

Directly below are the fittings and other components you will need to assemble the frame followed by the instructions. Lets get to it:


Loft Bed Frame Drawing


To assemble the bed frame, start by assembling each of the frame uprights. There are 5 vertical uprights in total measuring at 84" high. The diagram below (Figure 1) illustrates how each upright should come together and what fittings are used on each upright. For the two uprights to the far left, the Flange fitting is used for the base, then the Single Socket Tee, followed by the 90 Degree Side Outlet Tee, and then capped off at the top by the Side Outlet Elbow.

The upright to the far right corner in the below diagram (Figure 1) is built using the Flange fitting for the base, then the 90 Degree Side Outlet Tee, and capped off by the Side Outlet Elbow.

And finally, the two uprights to the center of the diagram that are used to form the bed frame ladder are created using the Flange fitting for the base, then 5 Single Socket Tee fittings, and then capped off at the top using the 90 Degree Elbow. Notice that 4 of the Single Socket Tee fittings will face each other, while the other one will point in a different direction to accept the top bunk supports.

Bed Frame Uprights

Figure 1

Loft Bed Frame Drawing

Figure 2

With all the vertical supports assembled, you can complete the bed frame sides. The diagram above (Figure 2) shows the sides coming together while the two diagrams below (Figures 3 & 4) show each of the individual sides and how the horizontal supports attach to the vertical uprights. You will use the 38" lengths of pipe here to join the uprights together to create the bed frame sides.

Bed Frame Side

Figure 3

Bed Frame Side

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Figure 4

Loft Bed Frame Drawing

Figure 5

With the side supports assembled you can now complete the bed frame by attaching the sides together and completing the ladder. The diagram above (Figure 5) shows how the frame comes together.

To attach the frame sides, first complete the ladder section of the frame. The diagram below (Figure 6) shows a closer look at how the ladder comes together. The 24" lengths of pipe will be used for each of the ladder rungs.

Loft Bed Frame Ladder Diagram

Figure 6

With the ladder section of the frame assembled, you can complete the frame by attaching the four lengths of pipe used for the railing around the top bunk.

Before attaching these lengths of pipe, be sure to slide 2 M50 fittings onto each of the bottom railings. These can be used to attach a platform for the mattress to rest on. The diagram below (Figure 7) shows a closer look of the M50 fittings attached to the railing supports.

Loft Bed Frame Mattress Supports

Figure 7

Once the M50 fittings are on, you can attach the railing to the side supports to complete the frame. The railing to the back of the frame will use the 75" lengths of pipe and the railing to the front will utilize the 49" lengths of pipe.


Loft Bed Frame Drawing

Figure 8

With that, you should now have a completely assembled loft bed frame. If you have any questions or need any design help feel free to reach out to our projects team. They are experienced in building with Kee Klamp and can help you with your project.

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