Kee Lite Cube Structure for London-based Contortionist Act

Contortionist Structure

The theater has long used Kee Klamp and Kee Lite fittings to build set supports and lighting grids. Leilani Franco, a London-based contortionist, has tapped into that history and designed a structure to use during her performance. She sought to build a structure that fit into the performance and would be easily transportable as she takes her act around the world. Lightweight aluminum pipe and Kee Lite fittings helped her to accomplish her goal.

Contortionist Structure

Here is what Leilani had to say about the structure:

I'm using size 8 aluminium tube and KeeLite to make a cube for a crazy doll/contortionist stuck in a music box act. I chose them because they are reliable, easy to put together, but am working on the transportation aspect of travelling my poles and clamps around the world!!

Here is a video of her performance using a cube similar to the aluminum structure that will be used in upcoming performances

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