Kee Klamp Porch Roof Support Old and New

Kee Klamp Porch Roof Support

This structure might not look like much, but it illustrates a number of the great features found in Kee Klamp structural pipe fittings. The original structure was built 20 years ago (see the darker components) with pipe and Kee Klamp pipe fittings. The roofing material is in it's third rendition, but much of the pipe and fittings dates back to the original construction. Here is what the project owner had to say:

I built this pipe frame for a canvas awning about 20 years ago. The canvas failed after 4 years and I covered the frame with roll-formed steel roofing. Last year the snow sliding off of the house roof pulled the awning away from the house. This purchase was to repair and lengthen the awning. I also changed the rib orientation from parallel to the house to perpendicular to allow the snow to better slide off. None of the Kee Klamps were damaged, just pipe and fasteners. Not real pretty but functional, affordable and easy.

Kee Klamp Porch Roof Support

You can see from this picture that it was simple and straightforward to join the old pipe and fittings with the new extended section of the awning.

This project illustrates both the long-lasting durability of the Kee Klamp pipe fitting and it's ability to make future repairs and expansion simple and straightforward.

Kee Klamp Porch Roof Support

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