Kee Klamp Kite Kart (parlevu France)

Kee Klamp Kite Cart

One of the great things about the internet is the ability to explore across linquistic barriers.  Google (and other web translation engines) have made it possible to explore web content in other languages.  My international search has turned up some interesting non-native English web sites that feature the use of Kee Klamp products.  One such site is a site in France that talks about how to build a beach kite cart. If you havent seen this sport, check out the videos below.  It must be pretty wild to be whipped along the beach in a wheeled cart, pulled by a kite. 

Kee Klamp Kite Cart Kee Klamp Kite Cart

Kee Klamp Kite Cart

The site contains complete instruction on how to build a cart using Kee Klamp components, pipe and some other pieces.    It even includes a flash presentation with overlays showing you the different components of the cart.

Note the cart in the video below is not the cart pictured above, but is just illustrating the use of a kite buggy.


French Kite Cart

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