Indoor Race Track Safety Guardrails and Barriers

A quick mounting solution for the construction of protective railings and barrier fences, Kee Klamp railing systems prove themselves to be a superior solution. This solution provides protection not only in industry and construction, but increasingly also in the sports and leisure arena.The latest example is the security fence surrounding two attractions at the Nrburgringin Germany.Kee Klamp fencing provides both the children's driving school in the ring and the 400-meter indoor track with its security fencing.

German Race Track - Kee Klamp Railing

Built with standard round pipe, Kee Klamp fittings, and some wire mesh panels these railings and fences provided safety for spectators and onlookers. The flexibility of the system allowed it to be installed quickly and easily.

German Race Track - Kee Klamp Railing

Unique fittings like the eye and pin fitting, allow for gates to be constructed like the one pictured above. The designer added an artistic touch by angling the fittings used in the gate opening (angle tee).

German Race Track - Kee Klamp Railing

German Race Track - Kee Klamp Railing

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