How to Build a Solar Panel Frame

The first part of this project would be to calculate the size of your solar panel array. Once you have the size, then you can determine how many supports will be required and how many fittings will be needed. You can see from the pictures that the design is very modular in nature. Simply expand or contract the design to accommodate the length of your array. You'll notice that cross support are included about every three rows. If this project looks overbuilt, it was designed to handle the snow loads of upstate New York. If you're building in California or another place that does not receive much snow, you may be able to build with significantly less bracing then you see in this picture.

Build the Base

In this project they poured a concrete pad to support the upright pipes. Doing this was not entirely necessary. You could mount the pipes by simply pouring concrete around a specific pipe, saving a lot of time and concrete costs. If you're mounting to an existing concrete slab you could use one the many Base Flanges listed on the site.

Assemble the Frame Structure

This Frame was assembled mostly of C50 and C51 parts which allow the angel of the pipe to be adjusted. Look at the pictures below to ascertain which parts are used where.

Attach the Panels

In this project, the panels were attached with simple U brackets. The U brackets attached the solar panel frame to the rack .

Building Your Own, Have Questions?

If you're building your own frame and have questions about how to build, our projects team is here to help. Do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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