DIY Pipe Desk with Shelves: What You Need to Build Your Own

DIY Desk with Shelves

This behemoth of desk was built by our customer Gregory for his home office in Mount Dora, Florida. The DIY desk/shelving unit combo functions as a work table, computer workstation, and place to store books and other office materials.

The frame for the desk and shelving unit were built entirely using Kee Klamp and Kee Lite fittings (Gregory used a combination of fittings in both lines). These fittings secure to pipe using a set screw that can be tightened or loosened using an Allen Wrench. This makes them much easier and more flexible to use that traditional threaded pipe fittings.

In this post, we're going to take a deeper look at Gregory's unique project and how each fitting is used so you can build your own desk with accompanying shelves. Let's take a look:

Gregory's Home Office Desk & Shelving Unit Combo

DIY Pipe Desk with Shelving Unit

As mentioned above, the desk combo serves three functions in Gregory's office. The unit has an area for Gregory to sit at his computer, a large open work surface, and a tall vertical shelving unit for storing books.

All three areas are connected by pipe and fittings. The frame is quite complex using a variety of different fittings to provide for the right angles to attach all three sections together.

How Each Fitting is Used:

While Gregory's desk is a bit more complicated than most desks we've featured in our projects area, or any of our desk kits, let's take a closer look at a few of the common fittings used in the design to give you a better idea of how each fitting is used.

Gregory's desk uses a combination of Kee Klamp and Kee Lite fittings. These fittings secure to pipe via a set screw that can be tightened or loosened using an Allen Wrench. Kee Lite fittings are nearly identical to our Kee Klamp fittings with the major difference in the material they are built from.

Kee Lite fittings are made from Aluminium while Kee Klamp fittings are made from Galvanized Steel.

While many of the fittings in both lines are nearly identical, a few are different. Most notably is the Kee Lite Flange versus the Kee Klamp Flange. The Kee Lite Flange has a hole through the center of the flange that is large enough for pipe to slide through, while the Kee Klamp Flange does not. This makes the Kee Lite Flange great for vertical shelving units.

Gregory made use of the Kee Lite Flange to create the integrated shelving unit attached to the pipe desk frame. One vertical support on each side of the unit slides through each Flange fitting and through a hole cut out in each wood board.

Pipe Shelving Unit

The wood boards then rest on the Flange fitting. They are also mounted via four wood screws through the countersunk holes on the mounting plate of each Flange fitting.

The wood shelves can be positioned further up or down the unit by adjusting the height of that shelve's Flange fittings. This gives the shelves unit plenty of flexibility should Gregory want to change the look or functionality of the unit.

Additionally, to attach the unit to the wall a Single Socket Tee is used to add a horizontal pipe that then attaches to a Flange fitting mounted to the wall.

Lastly, Flange fittings are used at the bottom of the shelf frame that act as the frame "feet".

Side View of Pipe Desk Frame

The desk frame is a bit more conjested. Just under the desk table top, the Kee Klamp Swivel Flange is used. This fitting can swing freely and has a range of motion of 170 degrees allowing you to mount to almost any angle. It's a popular fitting when creating wall mounted desks.

In this case, it's used to attach to the bottom of the desk table top with the other end attached to the angled support.

For reference, the Kee Klamp Swivel Flange has a rectangular mounting plate, whereas the Kee Lite Swivel Flange has a circular mounting plate.

To add the platform for the computer monitor, the 45 Degree Single Socket Tee, Three Socket Tee, and Flange fitting are used.

Free Design Assistance for Your DIY Desk

While Gregory's desk may seem complicated, the fittings used to build the frame are easy to use and only require an Allen Wrench to put together. Many of our customers have no prior building experience before purchasing our fittings, or desk frame kits, but they are still able to put together their own unique projects.

In any case, if you do need some help, we're here to assist you in any way we can. We even offer free design assistance if you want a little help with the design of your custom project. Visit our free design assistance page here or contact for help.

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