40+ Dining Tables Ideas Built With Pipe

Do you want a new dining table? Tables made with industrial pipe are very trendy. But, that can mean these are also expensive.

Why not build your own instead!

Designing and building your own dining table is easier than it might seem. This project might take a few days to complete. But once you finish, you will be rewarded with a chic dining table you can be proud that you made.

If you are ready for some DIY dining table inspiration, keep reading. In this post, we will look at more than 40 dining table ideas built with pipe. Soon, you will be ready to design and build your own stunning and trendy dining table!


dining table 0 30

This sleek dining table features a Silestone quartz tabletop, which gives the piece a modern look. You will need a solid base to support a heavy tabletop like the one used in this project. Side outlet elbow fittings and Single Socket Tee fittings help create a stable frame for this table.


dining table 0 28

Cole in Alfred Station, New York built this beautiful 10-foot long dining table. In contrast to the project above, Cole used a wood tabletop for a rustic appearance. The frame includes Casters which means this table can easily be moved as needed.


dining table 0 25

Steven in Pleasanton, California built this space-saving dining table. This is a perfect option for a small apartment. This table is built to bar height and includes a built-in footrest. To create a similar table, you will need Three Socket Cross fittings.


dining table 0 17

Mary in Scotts Valley, California created a stunning rustic dining table. She made the custom tabletop from reclaimed wood. She also decided to paint the frame black to match the aesthetic of the piece. You can browse our selection of powder coatings if you also want a painted table base.


dining table 0 22

This tall table can double as a kitchen prep table and a dining table. This is a nice option if you have limited space. The unstained tabletop and industrial pipe frame give this table a chic and modern look.


dining table 0 19

Jeff in Charlotte, North Carolina designed this multi-purpose dining table. The tabletop is created with stainless steel, which is a great material for meal prepping. After cooking, simply wipe down the table and use the piece as a dining table. Jeff decided to use our Basic Table Frame Kit to make this simple, but stylish project.


dining table 0 36

This table was also constructed using our Basic Table Frame Kit. Unlike the table Jeff built above, Jim made this table with Casters. The Casters allow this table to be easily moved around as needed. It also has a wood tabletop which makes the table look modern and rustic.

Jim said his favorite part of the project was the “wide selection of pipes, fittings and parts” available from Simplified Building.


dining table 0 16

Cristian from Montreal made this expandable dining table from Kee Klamp fittings and galvanized pipe. Cristian said, “I really loved the idea of using pipes for the table. I chose your products because it combined simplicity of assembly and a great look.” When making a similar table, you will need Standard Railing Flange for the feet.  


dining table 0 39

This sleek table was created for the 3FE (Third Floor Expresso), a famous coffee bar in Dublin. The designers, who used Simplified Building products to create these tables said, “We used scaffolding and plywood to build the furniture but steered away from the austere nature of these materials to create an elegant and minimal aesthetic.

This was achieved through an unconventional use of the scaffolding joints and using subtle angles with, what is normally a crudely assembled material." Side outlet elbow fittings are used to attach the frame to the tabletop.


dining table 0 14

This wall-mounted table was created by a customer who needed a dining table in their small apartment. An IKEA table top was used, which helped cut down on the overall cost of the project. You can follow the step-by-step instructions here to build a similar table for your space.


dining table 0 10


This farmhouse-style table was built for an outdoor dining space. The industrial frame, which incorporates Flange fittings and Single Socket Tee fittings, adds a nice industrial contrast to the rustic tabletop.


dining table 0 38

This wood and pipe dining table is another project created for an outdoor patio. This table features a bench on one side and stool on the other, which is an eye-catching element. The feet of the table are Casters, so the table could be easily moved to different areas of the patio.


dining table 0 31

Gene from Georgia built this tall dining table. This could also double as a kitchen prep table if you needed a multi-purpose table for a small apartment. Gene used our Basic Table Kit to create this project. Gene said, "The kit format made it very appealing. It was great being able to simply enter our top measurements and the site take it from there.”


dining table 0 29

Steven from California built this narrow table to fit his compact dining space. He used Kee Klamp fittings and industrial pipe for the base, which made the project very affordable. To make a similar dining table, use 90° Side Outlet Tee fittings and Three Socket Cross fittings.


dining table 0 23

Loren in Tacoma, Washington designed this dining table at bar height, which works well in her compact kitchen. The rustic tabletop adds a chic eye-catching element to the table. Like many of the other tables on this list, she used Casters for the feet so it can be moved easily. You will also need Single Socket Tee fittings to help create the horizontal supports.


dining table 0 21

Kai created this stunning dining table using reclaimed wood and our Standard Table Frame Kit. Since he used this kit, the project was very simple and affordable. Kai said the table was “really easy to build and as I already had the materials for the tabletop - it was really cheap!”


dining table 0 20

Dan built this modern rustic dining table with a reclaimed wood tabletop, galvanized pipe, and Kee Klamp fittings. He also used colorful chairs, which shows you can be creative and fun when making your own dining table. You will need Flange fittings and Three Socket Tee fittings to create a similar table.


dining table 0 7


Pipe and wood tables are very trendy and it is easy to see why. Combining these two materials allows you to create a beautiful modern piece. When creating your own table, you can add a powder coating to the industrial pipe if you want your frame to be a different color, like the frame in this project.


dining table 0 5


This is another perfect example of a trendy dining table made with reclaimed barn wood and pipe. This frame also has an added powder coating. If you want to build a similar custom table, consider using Casters or Flange fitting for the feet.


dining table 0 33


The designers of this dining table used both bench and stool seating to make it modern. You can also be creative when designing your own dining table. To create a similar frame, you will need a few Single Socket Tee fittings and industrial pipe.


dining table

Troy built these dining tables with Simplified Building materials for the lunchroom in his office building. He wanted “sturdy, industrial-looking tables that we could easily move if need be for cleaning and events.” To make these easy to move, Troy added Casters to the feet of the table.

When asked what his favorite part of the project was, Troy said, “having you folks do all the tubing cuts. that rocked!”


dining table 0 24

Leo built this dining table with reclaimed wood from a bowling alley. He wanted the table to allow for 4-6 adults to sit comfortably. Leo said he decided to use our products for the table because the base was easy to adjust if needed. He also liked that the “quality of materials and makes a very stable base for a table and bench.”

Let Leo’s project inspire you to get creative with the tabletop of your dining table. Once you decide on your tabletop, you will need industrial pipe, Flange fittings, and 45° Single Socket Tee fittings.


dining table 0 11

Mike in Malden, Massachusetts created this unique space-saving dining table. It incorporates shelving into the design so it is a perfect place to store cookbooks or other kitchen supplies. Ikea hardwood countertops were used to make the tabletop and shelving in this project, which helped cut down on the overall cost.

If you want to incorporate shelves like Mike, check out this post on DIY floating shelves for more inspiration.


dining table 0 35

Ben crafted this beautiful multi-purpose dining table for his son’s college condo. The tabletop was made from a 700-year-old Sinker Cypress tree. Ben used Casters for the feet because he wanted a table that could easily be moved around the condo as needed. If you want to make a similar project, find a tabletop that appeals to you. Then, consider using our Basic Table Kit for the frame to keep the project affordable and easy.


dining table 0 6

Cissy in Florida made this modern dining table with a butcher block top and a sturdy frame of pipe and Kee Klamp fittings. Cissy said, “It was super easy designing it with the help of your staff! I was able to design over the phone and internet with staff help and all was delivered to my office! The butcher block top and Kee Klamp base worked perfect for our look. It was great!”

To make a similar frame, you will need to incorporate Flange Fittings and Single Socket Tee fittings.


dining table

Dining tables don’t have to be square or rectangle. Greg built this round dining table using a wood top and our Basic Table Kit. He created a large table and was easily able to add six bar stools around the table. A round table can be used to fit into a tight space in a small apartment. Or, it just adds a unique eye-catching piece to your dining room. Either way, let Greg’s design inspire your creativity as you build your own unique dining table.


dining table

Robb creating this rolling dining table with a granite top, industrial pipe, Casters, Single Socket Tee fittings, and Side Outlet Elbow fittings. You could easily use this as a kitchen prep table and a dining table if you need to save space. Robb said he decided to use our products because he “loved how it looked industrial and different!”


dining table 0 15

Andy made this unique outdoor dining table with reclaimed boards from the Hurricane Sandy Boardwalk. He made the table at bar height and added Casters so it could be easily moved as needed. Instead of leaving the pipe galvanized, he decided to add a powder coating to make a dark base. The color of the base complements the dark wood used for the tabletop. If you want to make an outdoor dining table, make sure to add a weather-proof sealant to protect your tabletop from the elements.


dining table

Jason built these four identical dining tables for a cafe. He wanted to create small tables where people could sit and enjoy their coffee or get some work done. The tabletops were made with stained reclaimed wood. Jason used a Four Socket Cross fitting to attach the main vertical pipe to the four horizontal legs.


dining table

David made these simple dining tables with wood, industrial pipe, and Kee Klamp fittings. Flange fittings and Single Socket Tee fittings were used for the frame. If he was building a cafeteria or restaurant and needed multiple dining tables, these uniform tables would work well.


dining table 0 8


This sleek dining table combines a wood tabletop and industrial pipe for a modern rustic appearance. This table also combines both chairs and a bench for multiple seating options. This adds interest to the table and allows for more people to squeeze in as needed. Consider using Flange fittings or Casters for the feet of a similar table.


dining table


This interesting dining table could easily be recreated in your own home or in a cafe. You will need Flange fittings, Single Socket Tee fittings, and 90° Elbow fittings to help construct the base. This table is unique because the stool chairs are built into the design of the table. This is an eye-catching element that offers something different from most dining tables you will find.


dining table 0 32


This dining table is paired with quirky chairs giving it a fun and whimsical appearance. When building a similar table, you will need industrial pipe, Flange fittings, and 90° Elbow fittings. Three Socket Tee fittings are also helpful for creating a sturdy horizontal support. If you want a dark base, you can add a powder coating to the pipe.


dining table 0 18

Alan made this wood and pipe table with just a few simple materials. This table is unique because the height is adjustable. So, Alan could raise the table to bar height or lower it for a traditional dining table height. He also used Casters for the feet so it could be a mobile table. Single Socket Tee fittings play a critical role in the design of this table.


dining table 0 26


Round dining tables are a great way to fit a large family at the same table. This table was made with a few different pieces of reclaimed wood. Instead of staining the wood the same color, the designer left the pieces multi-colored, which gives the table an appealing aesthetic. For the frame, you will need Three Socket Tee fittings, Flange fittings, and a Two Socket Cross fitting.


dining table 0 37

These dining tables were created for a room in the Boulder Public Library. These tables were created with a great multi-functional design. You could easily use these for dining tables or work tables. If you need dining tables for a multi-purpose space, consider creating the tables at bar height. The basic frame is created with industrial pipe and Single Socket Tee fittings.


dining table 0 27

Loren built this functional and stylish table with reclaimed wood, industrial pipe, and Kee Klamp fittings. She can use this as a prep table in her kitchen before cleaning it off and rolling it to her dining room. Casters allow the table to be moved easily. If you are designing a table for a small space, think about ways you can make the dining table into a multi-purpose table.


dining table 0 13


Do you want a unique dining table? Skip the rectangle and circular tables and create a hexagonal table instead. This beautiful table is an eye-catching piece that brings a fun design element to the dining room. For another modern touch, the designers paired the table with clear plastic chairs. After selecting the tabletop, you will need plenty of Three Socket Tee fittings for this design.


dining table 0 9


This Farmhouse-style dining table fits into modern trends. But, buying a table like this from a furniture store can get very costly. You can easily build your own table with just a few simple materials. Add a powder coating to the industrial pipe if you want a dark frame like the one in this image. 90° Elbow fittings or Side Outlet Elbow fittings can be used to create the curves seen in the horizontal support of the bench frames.


dining table

Leo created this table with wood from a reclaimed bowling alley. Since this table is low, Leo likely designed it as a coffee table. But, you could easily follow the same design when creating a taller dining table. Leo said she liked using Simplified Building products because of the “quick assembly” and the materials are “easily adjustable.” Kee Klamp fittings are a great option if you want a table that could be adjusted or broken down easily.


dining table 0 12


This table looks expensive, but really the beautiful decorations are helping elevate this table. In fact, this is a fairly simple and cheap table to build. You just need wood tops for the table and bench. Then, gather pipe and a few Kee Klamp fittings, including Three Socket Tee fittings and Flange fittings. This project shows that you don’t have to spend a lot of money for a dining table to look stylish. Once you build your table, you can add any decorations you like to adorn the otherwise simple design.


dining table


Use your imagination when designing your dining table. This project features fire hydrants in the base. Feel free to use any unique element you want in your base in your base. To create the legs, you will need Flange fittings and 90° Elbow fittings. You can also add a powder coating to the lefts and Kee Klamp fittings so it matches the color of whatever piece you incorporate into the dining table’s base.


dining table 0 34


This sleek dining table works well in a modern space. It features a simple design and an unstained table top. Benches are a popular option for dining table seating, so consider building one or two benches for your own table. You can always put a bench on one side and traditional seating on the other. Add a powder coating to the base of your table if you want to recreate this project. You will also need Flange fittings for the feet of the table.

Build Your Own Dining Table Today!

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We would love to see the dining table you create! Will you build a round table or a rectangular table? Are you planning to use reclaimed wood for the table top or stainless steel? Feel free to send us a picture of your project once you finish building your dining table.

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, our expert design consultants are ready to help! Contact us today to discuss your ideas. Our team will help you select the materials you need to get started on your dining table project today!

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