5+ Customizable Clothing Rack Designs

custom rustic clothing rack

Clothing racks come in all shapes and sizes, as do the rooms they’re built in. Having a clothing rack that can be customized to fit your showroom floor or your own personal closet can make a world of difference.

Check out these customizable clothing racks that other customers have built, and know that our team is willing and able to help you with your next project!

Wall-Mounted and Rolling Clothing Rack

large retail store clothing racks

Universal Sole completed the build-out of their new shop using Kee Klamp fittings and pipe. They were able to customize all the color as well as the sizing and shapes of the clothing racks thanks to the modular design of pipe and fittings. 

If you wish to read more about the project, you can check it out here: “Retail Clothing Racks at Universal Sole”.

Bedroom Closet Clothing Rack

bedroom closet clothing rack with ladder

Customizing your clothing racks with different sizes and shapes is standard here but customizing a ladder in order to reach the top shelf, now that’s genius. Using Kee Klamp fittings you can build the most unique bedroom closet that can fit any size or shape you need while providing the strength to hold your whole wardrobe (within reason of course).

Unique Retail Clothing Rack

multi level retail store clothing rack

This unique “winding” style clothing rack can be customized to any size you need and can have as many levels or pipes as well. These racks are mounted to both the wall and ground using Flange fittings along with a 90° Elbow to make the angles and a Collar fitting to keep the clothes from falling off the racks.

Check out more retail clothing rack configurations here

Stylish Free-Standing Clothing Rack

custom rustic clothing rack

A customizable free-standing clothing rack is perfect for a room that may not have a sizeable closet or no closet at all. This build is made out from 90° Elbows, Flanges, Three Socket Tees, and they also used Obtuse Angle Elbows for hat and bag hooks. All of which were painted with a copper or bronze color to give that rustic/industrial look.

Modular Retail Clothing Rack with Shelves

retail store with clothing rack and shelves

These industrial style retail clothing racks provide a great way to display clothing in various ways. This company used a wood pallet to create the shelf that they had painted white, and then customized the pipe and fittings with a white powder coating to match the shelf and the store as a whole.

Wall-Mounted Closet Clothing Rack

large bedroom closet clothing rack

Our customer, Brian, was looking to increase his home’s value by replacing his old “Closetmaid” looking shelves with an industrial unit. In his shopping, he came across Kee Klamp fittings and really liked the aesthetic of the pieces. He designed this customizable rack, similar to our other wall-mounted clothing rack kits, to have places for clothing to hang, as well as a shoe rack on the right and an additional storage shelf on top.

We hope this was of some help as you begin designing your new clothing rack. As mentioned, our team is available to assist you with your design.

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