Custom YouTube Studio Desk

Custom YouTube Studio Desk

With YouTube providing a platform for anyone anywhere to create content, more and more independent creators are looking to improve their production quality and creative spaces. One of these independent creators is Tommy Callaway.

Tommy reached out to our team in April of 2020 wanting to build a desk similar to one we featured all the way back in 2017.

Tommy had very specific plans for this desk. He needed it to be a very specific height for filming videos and a specific length and depth to fit perfectly in his space which, in this case, is a small bedroom. He also wanted it to be on wheels so he could use it as an editing and work desk when he wasn't using it as a set piece in his videos.

Let's take a deeper look at Tommy's YouTube studio desk:

Tommy's YouTube Studio Desk Details

Although Tommy's desk appears to be a complicated design, in actuality, it's constructed entirely out of just four types of Kee Klamp fittings, pipe, and some casters. Tommy's desk is also unique in the fact that Tommy shot a video documenting the construction of the desk and detailing where the certain odds and ends such as the table top were sourced from. Instead of reading something about Tommy's desk, why not hear about it directly from Tommy's mouth?

Like we said before, Tommy's desk only utilizes four different fittings. They are as follow:

Fittings Used in Tommy's YouTube Studio Desk Project

The 10-7 single socket tees are used to attach the shelving to the legs and the 61-7 flanges are used to affix the table top to the frame. The 20-7 side outlet elbows are used for the corners of the shelves and the 21-7 side outlet tees are used to attach the mid-support to the shelves. You can see the majority of these various fittings in use below.

YouTube Studio Desk

Final Notes About Tommy's YouTube Studio Desk Project

Tommy was able to utilize Kee Klamp fittings to build something that stands out from the crowd. The crowd, in this case, being the entirety of the YouTube community. We hope to see great things from Tommy on the platform and are confident that he's got a desk that will fit his needs and last him a very, very long time. We've compiled a gallery of Tommy's desk in various stages of completion that you can view below.

Need Assistance in Building Your Custom DIY YouTube Studio Desk?

While we believe the first step to being successful on YouTube is foucsing on making your content relevant and genuine, if you're in a place where you'd like to upgrade your studio, feel free to reach out to our team for free design assistance. Our expert team has helped numerous Kee Klamp customers design and assemble their projects over many years. They would love to play a part in making your YouTube studio desk a reality!

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