BG1G08 - 5/16" Type BG1 Shim

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Model: BG1G08

Product Description

The Type BF1, BG1, BH1, BF2, and BG2 products act as packing shims to support the underside of clamps and to adjust the grip of the clamp to accurately suit the thickness of steel being connected. Type BF1, BG1, and BH1 act as shims to support the underside of the Type BA, BB, BT and BW clamps. The BH1 is the thinnest shim, followed by the BF1 and then the BG1.

Type BF2 and BG2 act as shims to support the underside of the Type BE1, BE2 and BK1 clamps. The BF2 and BG2 shims are similar to the BF1 & BG1, but they are longer so they will reach further back and support the longer BE1, BE2 and BK1 products.

These shims can be used separately or combined together depending on the thickness of steel being connected and which clamp type is used. All shims fit over the shank of the bolt so they can not be removed. Dimensions for the shims are shown below. Tables showing which shim is required to suit a given flange thickness are shown on pages 16 and 17 of the catalog.

  • Manufactured from high strength ductile iron
  • Hot Dip Galvanized for corrosion protection
  • All loads guaranteed with 5:1 Factor of Safety

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Additional Information

Model BG1G08
Weight (lbs) 0.010
Manufacturer Kee Safety
Brand Beam Clamp
Material High Strength Ductile Iron
Finish Hot Dip Galvanized
Bolt Size Size 1
Bolt Diameter 5/16"
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