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Aluminum Pipe Railing Made with Kee Lite® Pipe Fittings

Kee Lite aluminum pipe fittings can be used to create aluminum pipe railings that are easy to install, beautiful to look at, and require virtually no maintenance. Aluminum pipe railing has a nicer look that our steel pipe railing system and is generally much cheaper to ship. Anodized aluminum fittings and pipe virtually guarantee that the railing will remain rust free in any moisture rich environment.

Aluminum Pipe Railing

Aluminum Pipe Railing Fittings

Kee Lite aluminum pipe railing fittings come in all the necessary shapes and sizes to build standard aluminum pipe railings. Aluminum pipe railing fittings attach to the pipe through the use of a set screw that "bites" into the pipe. The aluminum pipe fitting is clamped onto the pipe with a strength comparable to a fabricated connection.

A complete line of Kee Lite Aluminum Pipe Railing is available for purchase in our online store.


Aluminum Pipe Railing Speeds Up Installation

Unlike a fabricated railing, aluminum pipe railing requires very little pre-site work. Place your order for aluminum pipe fittings and pipe and have it delivered directly to your site. With some additional fasteners to attach the bases you will be on your way to a quick installation.

Easy to Install Aluminum Pipe Railing

Cut the pipe for the aluminum pipe railing on site with a portable ban saw or chop saw. Installing an aluminum pipe railing requires no special skills. You will find that installation goes much quicker than a fabricated system, saving you hours of specialized labor costs.


Aluminum Pipe Railing Has Superior Durability

Fabricated railings require welding that often weakens the metal and makes it more susceptible to breakage and rust. Aluminum pipe railings use a non-corrosive metal and maintain their structural integrity during construction.


Aluminum Pipe Railing is Ideal for Water Treatment Facilities

Our aluminum pipe railing solutions have been used in water treatment facilities around the world. Thousands of linear feet of aluminum pipe railing provide perimeter protection around the edges of water pools in the treatment facilities.

Water Treatment Aluminum Pipe Railing

Case Study: Aluminum Pipe Railing Has Been Used Underwater

Our aluminum pipe railing system has been used by a Caribbean resort to provide hand railing in their underwater adventure tour. The aluminum pipe railing is completely immersed in salt water and provides stable support to their visiting customers.

Underwater Aluminum Pipe Railing

Aluminum Pipe Railing Available with Aluminum Toeboard

Our aluminum pipe railing system can be coupled with a special toeboard fitting to provide a completely integrated toeboard. The extruded aluminum toeboard attaches to the aluminum railing base flange with a hardware kit.

Toeboard for Aluminum Pipe Railing

Tips for Building Aluminum Pipe Railings

  • Because aluminum pipe railing has more deflection than steel pipe, uprights should be placed no more than seven (7) feet apart.
  • Aluminum pipe railing can be built with steel pipe. Use a clear coat spray paint where the steel pipe connects to the aluminum pipe fitting to reduce any risk of galvanic corrosion.


Buffalo Lakeside Commerce Park Kee Lite Railing

Kee Lite Pipe Railing Installation at Buffalo Lakeside Commerce Park in Buffalo, NY

Get Design Assistance for Building Aluminum Pipe Railing

We have a staff of people who can help specify the fittings and pipe you need to build an aluminum pipe railing. Our experienced team will be able to take a drawing or sketch and turn it into a bill of materials for an aluminum pipe railing. Take advantage of this free service by contacting us through our quotation form.