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Display Clothing Racks

Clothing Racks

Display clothing racks are used to feature clothing and make the entire garment more visible to the shopper. Display clothing racks usually have a front facing arm that allows the garment to be clearly displayed. Display clothing racks come in various styles. Below are a few of the display clothing racks that can be constructed with Kee Klamp pipe fittings.

Display Clothing Rack Kits

Display Clothing Rack Kits

Clothing rack kits are a quick way to develop semi-custom clothing racks for your display space. We currently have one primary display clothing rack kit. This clothing rack consists of an 8' post which can be adorn with two display arms.

Display Z-Arm

Display Clothing Rack - Z Arm

The Z-arm for the display clothing racks has two different levels which allow two styles of garments to be seen. The standard distanance between the levels is one foot, but this can easily be varied by changing the length of the pipe.

Display Straight-Arm

Display Clothing Rack Straight Arm

The straight arm for the display clothing rack is used when the garments behind the first item are similar. If a collar is desired, it can be added to the end of the arm to prevent hangers from sliping off the end of the clothing rack.

Arms can be mixed and matched, shortened and lethened to accomodate the layout that your are trying to achieve. These display clothing rack kits can be purchased online.


Wall Mounted Display Clothing Racks

Wall mounted display clothing rack

Another way of mounting a display clothing rack is on a wall. Front-facing full bore clothing racks are easy to construct with just a few fittings. Pipe arms can easily be mounted to the wall with a 61-6 flange pipe fitting. These front facing display racks are a great way to fill up a blank wall. See this example of a wall mounted display clothing racks at a popular department store in Paris.


Rolling Clothing Racks

Rolling Clothing Racks

Rolling clothing racks are another way to display your garments out in the open. Rolling clothing racks can be placed in isles and more visible locations to allow the garments that are displayed to have more prominence. Rolling clothing racks are also available as a kit.

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Custom Display Clothing Racks

Custom Display Clothing Racks

This wedding dress display rack has a special hook on the end to show off a featured dress, or allow a bride to set apart a cetain dress that she is looking at. All kinds of custom display clothing racks can be created with the help Kee Klamp pipe fittings. Design the display clothing rack yourself, or get some assistance from our projects team.


Buy Online or Get a Quote

Our display clothing racks can be purchased online. If you are looking for something more custom, you can contact us about a quote.