38+ DIY Trellis Ideas

Do you want to add a unique design element to your garden or outdoor space? Have you thought about a trellis? A trellis can be used to help support climbing plants, which adds an interesting kinetic aspect to your yard.

Instead of purchasing a trellis, consider designing your own. That way, you can build a trellis that works perfectly with your space. Plus, by using the right materials, building your own trellis can be a fun and affordable project.

Kee Klamp fittings and galvanized pipe are some of the best materials for a trellis. These simple materials can be combined into hundreds of different trellis styles. If you need inspiration, keep reading. We’ve gathered more than 40 trellis design ideas that can easily be constructed with pipe and Kee Klamp fittings. Soon, you will be ready to design your own functional and eye-catching trellis.


trellis idea 0 23

The designer of this grapevine trellis said he created it to “to support the existing vine so that the remaining wood structure could be removed” and to “allow the grapevine to extend out and over the driveway again.” If you are interested in creating a similar structure, you can follow the step by step instructions here.


trellis idea 0 15

Peter from Maryland built this trellis for his wisteria plant. He said “the vine previously had a light frame which was in constant danger of collapse, especially in windstorms and from snow accumulations. Your system supports a grid of lighter garden stakes and netting for the vine to work itself around. Wistaria is very difficult to control but this is designed to keep it all within reach for weekly clipping while being high enough to produce a shaded arbor underneath.”

To create a similar wisteria trellis, use Side Outlet Elbow fittings, Three Socket Tee fittings, 45° Single Socket Tee fittings, and Corner Swivel Socket fittings.


trellis idea 0 11

Tamer in Cliffside Park, New Jersey built this unique trellis that can also double as a patio cover. Climbing plants can grow up the sides of the trellis and a tarp can be placed over the top for shade. This project was easily made with galvanized pipe and Standard Railing Flange fittings, Single Socket Tee fittings, Four Socket Cross fittings, and Swivel Flange fittings.


trellis idea 0 14

Bob in Chattanooga, Tennessee built this custom patio covering with a built-in wire trellis. Once climbing pants are added to the trellis, he will be able to create a natural privacy wall for his patio. Galvanized pipe and Kee Klamp fittings, including Wall Flange fittings, make this an easy and affordable project.


trellis idea 0 26

This grapevine trellis was created for a modern home in Minnesota. Multiple types of fittings were used in this project, including Three Socket Tee fittings and Single Socket Tee fittings. This project shows that you don’t need a large yard to build a trellis. This interesting piece works well in front of the contemporary home.


Trellis Idea

Li Zhang used industrial pipe, Kee Klamp fittings, and a wireframe to create this backyard trellis. Just imagine how beautiful this will be once ivy or wisteria is covering the trellis. Li will be able to walk through a tunnel of plants in her own backyard!


Trellis Idea

Joel Michael built this trellis to grow jasmine along his driveway. Joel said he decided to use pipe and Kee Klamp fittings for this project because “ I’ve worked with the Kee Klamp system before and knew that I could easily design and build something that would solve a problem while creating a pleasant space.”


trellis idea 0 19


A wall-mounted trellis is a great way to add height to your garden. The wireframe allows for plants to attach in multiple places as they move up the wall. You can create a similar trellis by creating a frame out of industrial pipe and attaching wire netting to the middle. Use Wall Flange fittings to attach the pipe to your siding.


trellis idea 0 9


You don’t have to attach a trellis to a wall. In fact, a free-standing trellis is a great addition to any size garden. The project above shows that propping a pipe trellis against a wall is a great way to support climbing plants without attaching anything to your house (which is a great idea for renters). If you want to paint your trellis, browse our selection of powder coatings that can be added to galvanized pipe.


trellis idea 0 45


This trellis tunnel is covered in climbing plants and adds a whimsical element to the garden. When building a similar project, you will need Side Outlet Elbow fittings to help attach the pipe for the roof of the trellis.


trellis idea 0 44


For a trellis that is mobile, consider this garden bed and trellis combo project. The garden bed is on Casters, so it could be moved to different areas of your patio as the sunlight moves. The built-in trellis allows you to grow a climbing plant in the garden bed, which adds an interesting focal point to your garden.  


trellis idea 0 22


These twin wall-mounted trellises could easily be recreated with galvanized pipe and Kee Klamp fittings. Use 90° Elbow fittings for the corners and industrial pipe for the frame. Chicken wire or wire netting would work well for the grate. Soon you can pick out the flowers you will add to your new vertical garden.


trellis idea 0 43

These bean poles are a fun way to maximize space in a small garden. Instead of growing out, you can help plants grow up. When creating your own bean pole trellis, use Two Socket Cross fittings to attach the horizontal pipe.


trellis idea 0 42


This trellis was used to create a gorgeous open-air pavilion. This project adds a contemporary touch to the backyard patio. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to create a similarly chic space. Galvanized pipe and Side Outlet Elbow fittings can be used to easily make a similar trellis for your outdoor patio.


trellis idea 0 29


Don’t limit yourself when you start to design your trellis. The design options are endless! You can easily create a unique plant playground similar to this project with pipe. Just select the pipe you want, add a powder coating if you feel like it, and mount them in your garden. Your climbing plants will conform to the shape of the trellis and soon you will have an interesting vertical garden.


trellis idea 0 30


If you want to create a thriving garden, but don’t think you have the space, a trellis is a great option. You can attach a pipe trellis to a wall to create a chic urban garden. Don’t limit yourself by the ground space you have. Ivy and other climbing plants will easily attach to the trellis for a fun vertical garden. Flange fittings can be used to mount the trellis to your wall.


trellis idea 0 41


Instead of buying this trellis, create your own. Use wood and wire for a rustic look or try pipe and wire for an industrial-chic design. This simple project would only take a few hours to build but would create a perfect space for climbing plants to grow.


trellis idea 0 41


This metal wall-mounted trellis makes use of an otherwise blank brick wall. A trellis is a perfect way to add interest to a wall or to cover an imperfection you would like to hide. You can create a grid similar to this, or just use horizontal pipe for a different look. The design is entirely up to you, but if you need help, feel free to contact our design team today!


trellis idea 0 8


This lattice trellis is a unique take on the traditional grid-style trellis. Create a frame with pipe and use wire or additional pipe to build the lattice. This trellis was attached to a fence, but you can use this style for a trellis that is mounted in the ground or propped up against the wall. 90° Elbow fittings or Side Outlet Elbow fittings can be used to make the corners of this project.


trellis idea 0 32


This lightweight trellis fits perfectly over a garden bed. If you are interested in creating a similar project, you can follow the step by step instructions here. This project was designed with PVC pipe but galvanized pipe would work just as well.


trellis idea 0 48


This walkthrough trellis was designed for cucumber plants. Since the plants grow vertically on this trellis, harvesting is a simple and quick process. Side Outlet Elbow fittings could be used to create the triangle point at the top of this trellis.


trellis idea 0 46


This sturdy trellis was used to support a heavy cantaloupe plant. Pipe trellises are a great option for heavy plants that can’t be supported by a wooden trellis. Also, don’t worry if your plant is already growing. This designer created the trellis after her plant had started to take over the garden. This is a great reminder that you don’t have to build a trellis before you have a plant. You can always create a trellis to support a plant you already have.


trellis idea 0 39


A tent-style trellis can help the plants in your garden reach new heights. The great thing about this type of trellis is that it can be easily moved to different garden beds as needed. Since this is mainly a functional trellis, you don’t want to spend a lot of money on the materials. Use pipe and a few Kee Klamp fittings, like Three Socket Tee fittings, to create your own affordable tent-style trellis.


trellis idea 0 21


Three Socket Tee fittings and 90° Elbow fittings were utilized to create this large trellis. The leafy vines climbing up the trellis can be used to create a natural privacy wall for your yard if you don’t have a fence.


trellis idea 0 28


Let this project spark your creativity! This trellis was constructed between two buildings to create a fairy-tale-like walkway. Just imagine wisteria or ivy climbing up the posts of this trellis. But you don’t have to have magical powers to make this project. You can easily create a whimsical walkway with the right materials, like pipe and 90° Elbow fittings.


trellis idea 0 40


Many people believe trellises are expensive to create because they think these have to be massive projects. This project proves that a beautiful trellis doesn’t have to be large. In fact, you can use just three pieces of vertical pipe to create a functional, eye-catching, and affordable trellis for your home.


trellis idea 0 31


Simple, elegant, and chic are a few of the words that come to mind when looking at this trellis. Two vertical pieces of pipe, Single Socket Tee fittings and as many horizontal pieces as you like are all you need to create a similar project.


trellis idea 0 10


If you are diving into gardening, you have to start somewhere. This impressive tent-shaped trellis is currently only being used for one small cucumber plant. But, as this plant begins to grow, it will spread and take over a large part of the trellis. Be patient and give your project time to come to life. This project was attached with zip-ties, but if you want a sturdier and longer-lasting trellis, consider using Kee Klamp fittings instead. These can be dismantled if you do decide to deconstruct your trellis.


trellis idea 0 16


This cage-like trellis was designed to cover an exposed pipe. Use this as inspiration for your own trellis project. Are there any eye-sores on your house that you want to cover up? Could you build a trellis and use plants to enhance or hide these elements? If you need help with the design, feel free to reach out to our design team for help!


trellis idea 0 47


A freestanding trellis tower is a unique way to bring your garden to new heights. This trellis is painted a fun shade of purple and if you want to add color to your project, explore our selection of powder coatings.


trellis idea 0 27


This trellis frame will eventually become a leafy hideout that will be a perfect spot for picnicking or reading. By mounting the legs in flower pots, you can move the trellis around your yard as needed. This project is simple and will take less than an hour to complete. Once you have your pipe, mount these in flower pots, attach them at the top with wire and then run additional wire around the frame.


trellis idea 0 38


Mount a trellis in your flower bed to create a unique eye-catching piece in your garden. If you want to use pipe instead of wood, make sure you also use Single Socket Tee fittings to help attach the horizontal supports.


trellis idea 0 7


This fun project is simply leaned against the wall. This type of trellis can easily be moved as needed and also doesn’t create holes in your siding. Notice how the designers used short pieces of horizontal planks for the middle sections of this trellis. Feel free to work in creative elements like this in your own trellis! You can easily achieve a similar project with pipe and Kee Klamp fittings, so browse our offerings for even more inspiration!


trellis idea 0 34


This in-ground trellis will eventually be used to create a plant wall that will cover the siding of this house. As you can see, you really don’t need that many pieces to create a stylish and functional trellis. Two vertical and one horizontal supports are all you need to create a basic frame. This designer chose wood but to support heavier plants, consider creating the frame with industrial pipe.


trellis idea 0 12


It can be hard to know where to look when you see this unique trellis! Don’t limit yourself to a flat trellis. Get creative and funky with your design. Use different lengths of pipe, interesting Kee Klamp fittings (just think what you could do with the Split 3 Socket Cross fitting for example!), and chicken wire to create the perfect trellis for your garden.


trellis idea 0 37


How charming is this miniature trellis? A trellis doesn’t have to be large to be worth building! Gather some small pieces of pipe and see what you can create. Add powder coating if you want to bring in some color to your project.


trellis idea 0 13


In addition to aesthetics, trellises can serve functional purposes. This trellis system was designed for a large vegetable garden. By helping the plants grow upward, the farmer can increase their yield and make it much easier to harvest the produce. For an even sturdier design, use pipe and Kee Klamp fittings instead of wooden beams.


trellis idea 0 20


This designer built a trellis to cover a fence in their backyard. Once the trellis is filled with plants, it will be a natural privacy wall that is much nicer to look at than the fence. Do you want to bring life to your own fence? Construct a trellis with pipe and wire. Use Three Socket Tee fittings to help attach the horizontal piece on top.


trellis idea 0 18


This project is another great example of using a trellis to create a privacy barrier. Once the plants are attached to the lattice, it will create a leafy entrance to the backyard. If you want to create the trellis with a metal frame, you will need 90° Elbow fittings for the corners.


trellis idea 0 36


This backyard grapevine trellis will be used to create an interesting vertical garden. Currently, a few hanging baskets are dangling off the horizontal pipe. Soon, the climbing plants will take over and completely cover the pipe. You could even create a wider roof if you wanted to use this trellis to offer shade for a patio. Three Socket Tee fittings or Single Socket Tee fittings can be used to attach the horizontal pipe.


trellis idea 0 25


This project shows how quickly a plant can take over a trellis. This project was created with two horizontal posts, a vertical post, and a corner piece (like a 90° Elbow fitting). Once the vine was attached, it grew to cover the trellis and helped create a cozy, shaded space for the designer’s backyard.


trellis idea 0 17


Who says you need a lot of materials to create a trellis? You can even create an impressive vertical garden with one piece of pipe. Simply mount it in the ground and let your climbing plant do the rest!

Design Your Own Trellis Today!

Now that you’ve explored our collection of trellis designs, are you ready to create your own? If you need even more inspiration, browse our offerings of Kee Klamp fittings and galvanized pipe to help you kick start your project!

We would love to see the trellis you create! Will you build a wall-mounted trellis or tent-style trellis? What plants will you grow on your trellis? Feel free to send us a picture of your trellis once you finish building your project.

Feeling stuck? Don’t worry, our expert design consultants are ready to help! Contact us today to discuss your ideas. Our team will help you select the materials you need to get started on your trellis project today!

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