Steel Fittings suit small structural building applications.

803622.jpg Kee Industrial Products Introduces New Kee Klamp Ridge and Eaves Style Structural, Slip-On Pipe Fittings to Build Small Structures (JUNE 2007) - Kee Industrial Products, Inc., Buffalo, New York announces the introduction of its new Kee Klamp model #351 Ridge fitting and model #350 Eaves fitting. According to Kee Industrial, the new steel fittings are designed for small structural building applications and provide significant load rating. In addition, they can be used together to form a truss arrangement that offers additional support. The new Ridge and Eaves fittings are used primarily to build storage areas, tanks, and temporary structures that can be covered by tarps. Other applications include fairground expositions, seasonal retail structures, greenhouses, playground facilities, canopies, theater sets, and temporary or permanent agricultural structures. When used to build a covered sloped roof structure, the fittings can facilitate rain and storm-water runoff, the company states. Available to fit 1-1-inch diameter pipe and galvanized for corrosion resistance, model #351 ridge and model #350 eaves pipe fittings both have double set screws on the truss outlet to provide additional pull-out resistance that holds structures together firmly. The Ridge fitting accommodates one vertical upright, one horizontal pipe (perpendicular to the upright), and two slope pipes that form an angle of 125 degrees. The Eaves fitting accommodates one vertical upright, two horizontal pipes (forming an X-Y-Z axis with the upright), and one slope pipe that is angled at 27.5 degrees from the horizontal pipe on the same plane. Kee Industrial states that the new model #351 Ridge and model #350 Eaves fittings are easy to install using simple tools, and require no welding, drilling, threading, or bolting. They can be powder-coated to any RAL color. Please contact our Customer Solutions Provider if you are interested in Kee Industrials Eve and Ridge fittings.

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