Handicap Railing at German Train Station

Handicap Railing - German Train Station

This handrail, installed in a train station in Germany shows what can be done with our Kee Access ADA handrail fittings. These fittings eleminitate the need for welded rail. Kee Access ADA fittings are designed to make the fabrication of smooth rail handicap railings quicker and less expensive than traditional welded rail. In addition to being less expensive and quicker, these fittings also produce a railing that is much more resistant to corrossion. Welded points are ususally the first ones to rust, so the lack of welded connection points makes the railing last up to seven times longer than welded solutions.

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Our design services team can help specifiy the parts and pipe necessary to build your railing. Simply send them a drawing. With a little correspondence we can delieve a quotation for your handicap railing project. See our handicap railing page for more information about this product. Handicap Railings

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