Backyard Gymnastics Bar

Backyard Gymnastic Bar

One of our customers sent us this picture of a backyard gymnastics bar that he built for his daughter. He built it using 1" Aluminum Pipe and Kee Lite pipe fittings. Here is what Greg had to say:

This is a high bar for my 30-lb. daughter to do gymnastics-like play on. The uprights are five feet tall, and the aluminum does flex gently when she swings on it. When she’s on it I put a bouldering “crash pad” (mat) under the bar. The height of the bar adjusts quickly for balance beam, ballet barre, penny drops, and swinging. It can be used as (or reconfigured to be) a play tent support, soccer goal, mini slackline (winching strap) frame, or Festivus pole. The legs are four three-foot pieces, the uprights are five feet, and the horizontals are four feet. Right now it doesn't need bracing but that can be added when she gets heavier and swings on it more.

Greg sees a lot of the benefits of using the Kee Lite pipe fittings. The gymnastics bar can be adjusted and reconfigured without much difficulty. Using aluminum means that the structure is lightweight and easy to assemble and store.

Backyard Gymnastic Bar

Kee Lite fittings are perfect for design oriented and geeky dad's who like to DIY (like myself). Their use in building play structures is endless.

Send us pictures of your Kee Klamp fittings project and you'll earn an SBC T-shirt, just like Greg.

In fact, you can use the module below to purchase a gymnastics bar just like Greg's! The layout of the gymnastics bar below is actually more similar to the layout of the gymnastics bar found here. Please keep in mind that the layout used for Greg's project was custom and intended for a small child and the layout below provides more structural integrity.


  • Length: 5.00'
  • Width: 4.00'
  • Height: Configurable (4.00')


  • clock 20 Minutes
  • wrench Allen Key

What's included:

All of the pipe and fittings needed to assemble the gymnastics bar.

What's not:

Allen Key, Gymnastics Skills

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