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Home Blog Archive for 03 2012


Foot Rails for a Stainless Steel Pub Table

Stainless Steel Pub Table with Foot Rail

This table was created by one of our customers who was putting together a pub table with a stainless steel top and foot rails made from pipe. Brad tells us a bit about his table and how Kee Klamp pipe fittings fit into the project:

My friend wanted a stainless steel pub style table. I wanted to make the lower foot rail using pipe to give the table a more industrial look rather than use wood. I originally intended to use 1" pipe flanges on all four sides but the wooden legs are not equal in dimension on each side and the flanges would only fit in one direction. I purchased the single socket tees to run the pipe rail in the long direction.

Stainless Steel Pub Table with Foot Rail

Brad usage of Kee Klamp gave his project the industrial look he was looking for. The table foot rails are made of 1" schedule 40 pipe that is received by the Kee Klamp fittings. Because Kee Klamp is so easy to install it also made the bracing easy to attach and adjust to the right length.

Stainless Steel Pub Table with Foot Rail

The fittings made it easy to attach the foot rail to the bottom of the table structure. This kind of foot rail could be used to retrofit just about any kind of table.

Stainless Steel Pub Table with Foot Rail

Checkout our entire inventory of Kee Klamp pipe fittings to see how you can easily create pipe based structures.

Because Brad sent us these pictures of his project, we'll be sending him an SBC T-shirt. Send us pictures of your next project that uses Kee Klamp or Kee Lite and you can earn a Simplified T for yourself!

Custom Kids Homeschooling Work/Computer Table

DIY Homeschool Double Desk

This desk was built by Gary P., a homeschooling father who needed to build a work desk for his kids in a particular location. Using his DIY skills and some Kee Lite aluminum pipe fittings he was able to put together a simple desk that suited his family’s needs.

As a homeschooling family of 7, we need a lot of work spaces for the kids. Plus, I saw that the single person desk we were using didn't fit both the computer keyboard and a workbook for a single person. So I started thinking about getting a desk to be deep enough to fit the computer keyboard AND a workbook, and wide enough to fit a 2nd or 3rd student.

At first, I looked into obtaining a piece of kitchen countertop as the table top. But as we didn't want to attach it to the 90 yr old bookshelves in this room, we still needed a table leg solution. Plus, I wasn't finding any cheap countertop that would fit the entire space between the bookshelves (69") -- the most I was finding was 48" sections.

That's when I remembered seeing the custom desk made by Chris Pollock at Simplified. It seemed perfect -- simple, sized right, and priced right. I copied most of his desk idea.

The great part of DIYing a desk like this is you can build it to fit your needs. It can be made shorter for children, wider for books and the exact length to fit into the perfect space in your home or office.

As Gary mentioned, he used a lot of the concepts found in the ergonomic desk project. He used an MDF top, that he painted and sealed for the desktop. The shape of the desk was made with a router and jigsaw: the jigsaw to give the desk its basic curves and a router to bevel the edges.

DIY Homeschool Double Desk

He cut cord management notches in the back of the desk to make it easier to control the computer cords.

DIY Homeschool Double Desk

Gary used Kee Lite Flange fittings (see the list below) to attach fence post to the bottom of the desk.

DIY Homeschool Double Desk

The legs are stabilized with an H brace that is at the bottom of the unit. Kee Lite Slip On Tees were used to connect these pipes together.

DIY Homeschool Double Desk

Plastic plugs were inserted and glued into the bottom of the fence post to keep the desk from scratching the wood floors.

DIY Homeschool Double Desk


Sketchup Version

In order to better visualize the desk, our project team created a sketchup version of the desk using parts from our Sketchup Library. You can download the Sketchup file for this table right here:

SketchUp File: Simple-Table.skp (4.6M)

Sketchup Version of the Table


Project Costs

The desk was a complete success. Our compliments to Gary on the install. Here is a run down of the basic costs of this desk (pricing as of March 2012):

Item Cost
Kee Lite Piipe Fittings (see list below) $130.00
3 x 8' length of 1-5/8" Fence Post $25.00
3/4" MDF Top (4' x 8') $25.00
Finish Materials for MDF $15.00
Hard Work Free but not Cheap
TOTAL: $195.00

The fittings can be purchased on this site in a special Simple Table fittings bundle.

Simple Wall Rail Used in Child Sleeping Loft

These pictures come from one of our customers who used a wall mounted simple rail to create a modern looking railing leading up into a children's sleeping loft.

Loft Railing Combo

Ryan, from a design/build company in Minneapolis had this to say about the project:

We converted a standard bedroom into a vaulted bedroom with a sleeping loft for a young boy. Hidden behind a rolling bookcase is the ladder to the sleeping loft. We installed a simple galvanized handrail to complement the industrial 1940s light fixtures used through his room.

Loft Railing

The wall mounted D-rail used a couple of ADA fittings and some internal couplings to make a smooth metal handrail that is very simple to install. With an allen wrench and a handful of screws this rail will be installed in minutes.

Parkour Structure at Miami Freerunning and Parkour Academy

Kee Klamp Parkour Structure at Miami Freerunning Academy

This parkour structure was built using Kee Klamp pipe fittings.  It was constructed at the Miami Freeruning and Parkour Academy. The angular braces in the corner serve to make the longer distances more rigid. Schedule 80 pipe is recommended for the longer spans of pipe. It is more rigid and thicker than standard schedule 40 pipe. This is an example of how Kee Klamp fittings can help you to design and build a unique structure for parkour and freerunning exercises.


Miami Freerunning has had the opportunity to put their parkour structure to good use. Here are some updated pictures from their Facebook page.

Freerunning Structure at Miami Freerunning

Freerunning Structure at Miami Freerunning

Freerunning Structure at Miami Freerunning

Freerunning Structure at Miami Freerunning

Retail Clothing Racks for Superdry Clothing Stores

Superdry Retail Clothing Racks

Superdry, an international casual clothing supplier, has refurbished a number of their stores world wide with Kee Klamp clothing racks. These custom clothing racks are made from Kee Klamp pipe fittings are supply the store with a strong industrial clothing rack system that can be customized on site to display clothing in a variety of ways.

The racks usage of Kee Klamp fittings allows the racks to easily integrated with shelving and other store features. The shelf in the picture below is mounted to the clothing rack using Type 70 Rail Supports.

Superdry Retail Clothing Racks

The use of Kee Klamp pipe fittings and pipe allows the clothing racks to be mounted in a way that fits the environment. For instance, some of these clothing racks mount to the wall, while others mount to the ceiling.

Superdry Retail Clothing Racks

Superdry Retail Clothing Racks

These clothing racks can be combined and spaced to make groupings, or left to stand alone in a space.

Superdry Retail Clothing Racks

The slip-on pipe fittings that make up the clothing rack allow the rack to be position in different angles to bring visual interest and greater flexibility to the display unit.

Superdry Retail Clothing Racks

We've made it easier!

To make the addition of these kinds of racks to your retail store even easier, we've created a number of simple clothing rack kits. These kits, can be mixed and matched, and even customized to fit your environment. Of course we still offer completely custom clothing racks if that is your desire. Check out the kits, and see if Simple Rack clothing rack kits will help you outfit your retail store with fully customizable, industrial strength clothing racks!

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