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10 Retail Display Ideas to Add to Your Store

10 Retail Display Ideas to Add to Your Store

In the search for a retail display for your store, you want to find something that is both functional yet fits the design and look of your shop. The retail displays that you choose should work for you not against you. A good display will showcase your merchandise properly so that a customer can spot the item they like but also help to add to the atmosphere of your store. To help you out in your search, we've compiled a list of 10 retail displays that you can add to your store. Check it out:

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Corrosion Resistant Boat Dock Railing

Boat Rock Railing

One of the best features of Kee Klamp is its unique resistance to rust. Due to its galvanization process, Kee Klamp can last 7 times longer than fabricated or welded railing. This equates to Kee Klamp avoiding the deadly signs of rust for nearly 20 years compared to just 2 years in a fabricated railing. This makes it a perfect solution for outdoor railing, particularly for moist, wet environments.

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Attaching Railing to a Concrete Base or Wall

Attaching Railing to Concrete

If you're looking to attach a railing to concrete steps or a concrete wall, we're here to help. While it may seem like a tough task, it's simpler than you may think. We'll show how easy it can be to attach a railing to concrete using a Simple Rail handrail kit. Here's how you do it...

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59 DIY Shelf Ideas Built With Industrial Pipe

DIY Shelf Ideas Built with Industrial Pipe

Whether you're going for a sophisticated, modern vibe or a homey, rustic appeal, industrial pipe shelves can be one way to accomplish both of these desired looks. Many people decide to build their own industrial pipe shelves that incorporate these aesthetic features for a variety of reasons. To save on costs, flexibility, personal design, and even for fun! Building your own shelf can ensure you have something that is personal, unique, and matches the looks you're going for.

For some, building your own DIY shelf may seem like a tall task. But it can be easier than you think. Using Kee Klamp fittings and pipe, the fear and frustration of building your own shelf is put to rest. Kee Klamp is easy to use, adjustable, super strong, and looks great! Many of our customers have used Kee Klamp to great success to build their own shelves. To help inspire your own shelf build, we've compiled a list of 59 DIY shelves built with industrial pipe. Any of these industrial pipe shelves can be easily built with Kee Klamp. Check it out:

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5 Unique Loft Ideas Built With Industrial Pipe

Loft Railing

Whether you're looking for a railing for your already build loft or you're looking to build one all together, Kee Klamp provides for the perfect choice. Kee Klamp fittings are super strong, sturdy, easy to use, adjustable, and look great! They can add a modern look to your loft or enhance the look of a rustic home by adding that industrial element. To show you the versatility of Kee Klamp in loft applications, here are 5 loft ideas to offer you some inspiration. From loft railing to entire loft structures, all of these ideas are built with Kee Klamp fittings and pipe. Enjoy :)


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