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10+ DIY Pipe Furniture Projects

10+ DIY Pipe Furniture Projects

Building your own piece of custom furniture doesn't have to be difficult. Our projects and products can help simplify the DIY process. Building with pipe and fittings enables you to create all kinds of DIY furniture.



Building a table is one of the most popular pieces of furniture built with Kee Klamp fittings. The strong pipe and fitting base is easy to put together and provides great stability.

Featured: Outdoor Rolling Table, Glass Conference Table



Whether you are thinking of building a sitting desk, a standing desk, or any desk in between, Kee Klamp will help you construct the perfect desk for your home or business.

Featured: Adjustable Height Sitting, Standing Desk, Ergonomic Desk



Building your own pipe bed frame can bring an elegant, yet industrial look to your bedroom. Canopy beds, minimal beds, kids beds and just about any other bed style you can imagine can be built with pipe.

Featured: How to Build a Pipe Bed Frame, Elegant Canopy Bed

Coffee Tables & Side Tables

Coffee Tables & Side Tables

Create a unique coffee table or side table for your living space. Use reclaimed wood to create a piece of furniture with distinct character.

Featured: Aged Metal Coffee Table, Industrial Console Table

Kitchen Islands

Kitchen Islands

Attaching casters to the bottom of a pipe frame creates a very stable rolling surface for use in and around the kitchen. Top it off with a high quality butcher block or piece of granite.

Featured: Rolling Butcher Block Island, Floating Granite Kitchen Island



Connect wooden shelves to the wall, ceiling, or floor with a pipe and fitting frame. Attach casters to the bottom to create a set of rolling shelves that will follow you anywhere.

Featured: Wall Mounted Book Shelf, 10 DIY Industrial Shelf Ideas

Clothing Storage

Clothing Storage

Build a clothing rack that will suit your storage needs. Whether you're building something elegant for the entry way, or something functional for the basement, Kee Klamp can help you get control of your wardrobe.

Featured: Entry Way Clothing Rack, Open Closets

Curtain Rods

Curtain Rods

A creative alternative to using curtain rods made of flimsy plastic and thin walled tube.

Featured: Distressed Curtain Rods, Industrial Curtain Rods

Work Benches

Work Benches

Build a solid bench as a platform for all your future projects.

Featured: Butcher Block Work Bench, Build Your Own Work Bench

Entertainment Centers

Entertainment Centers

Find a new place for your TV on top of an industrial looking entertainment center. Attach it to the wall, or make it free standing.

Featured: Entertainment Center with Bookshelves, Space Saving System

Build Your Own Heavy Duty, Portable Lacrosse Net

Heavy Duty, Portable Lacrosse Net

Small heavy balls, thrown at high velocities don't typically pair well with PVC structures. Portable nets are typically made from PVC and are subject to all manner of destruction when it comes to one well placed (or not so well placed) shot.

Heavy Duty, Portable Lacrosse Net - Front

Long time customer, Dan Harden, had some Kee Klamp fittings left over from an old project. When his son took up an interest in lacrosse, Dan got the idea to build him a high quality net using some leftover fittings. You can see from the pictures that Dan's design is fairly simple.

The front section of the net uses four 15-6 Elbows.

Front Section - Joined with 15-6 Elbows

The back section uses one 19-6 Adjustable Side Outlet Tee.

Back Section - Joined with 19-6

The tees are joined together with a small section of pipe that is capped on the top and bottom with a 133-6 pipe cap.

tees are joined together with a small section of pipe

Dan's project features a lot of the benefits of building a sports net with Kee Klamp fittings.

  • Because the fittings come on and off with a set screw, the structure can be portable. It can be easily disassembled and reassembled.
  • Being made of metal, it's much more durable than a PVC net.
  • The metal gives the net an adequate amount of weight to ensure that it won't go flying off in strong gust of wind.

What I love the most about this project is the fact that Dan was able to build the entire project using parts that he purchased from us over eight years ago! Dan tells his own story:

We purchased an assortment of Kee Klamp fittings from you back in 2006 or 2007. The original use was to build a support system for a winter cover for a 34' boat. We used the cover for one year and then sold the boat. The fittings and pipe sat out in the weather at the boat yard from 2007 until 2014. When I went and retrieved them, I was happy to find that they had almost no corrosion. All of the Allen head screws backed out easily. Recently my son adopted my liking for a lacrosse and asked if we could buy a goal. I looked at the fittings that I had and was able to cut the pipe down to size. I purchased a high quality net from a supplier in NC. I have enough material to build another so we can host neighborhood lacrosse tournaments. I was pretty happy that I was able to repurpose the pipe and fittings.

Reusability is just one more great reason to use Kee Klamp in your next project. Dive into our projects gallery for even more great ideas.

Enhance Wall Space with Faceout Clothing Racks and Shelving

Sole Sports Faceout Racks

When it comes to displaying clothing, you want to get your potential customers looking at the garments directly. Looking at the sides is helpful for picking out a color, but without a direct, head-on look at the garment, your treasure might remain buried and destined for the clearance rack. Faceout display racks are helpful when it comes to displaying clothing in a manner that sells. Faceout racks are often mounted on the wall and have a taller display bar that allows the garments to be seen over the top of other display units on the store floor.

Wall-Mounted Faceout Garment Racks

When it comes to building faceouts on the wall, you have several options. You can mount a horizontal bar directly to the wall, but that will leave you with no adjustability in the future. The other option is to use bar mounted faceouts. Our wall mounted display racks allow you adjust the bars at various heights. This is helpful when displaying multiple types of clothing, or changing the layout of your store.

Sole Sports Store Layout

The racks pictured above were installed by Sole Sports Running Zone, an Arizona based running store. They used wall mounted faceouts with shorter display arms to feature light, colorful running clothing.

Lance, from Sole Sports was very happy:

The fixtures turned out beautifully!  We'll probably be ordering more in the near future.

Wall-Mounted Shelf

Sole Sports Nutrition Shelf

In addition to the wall-mounted faceout racks, Sole Sports continued to use Kee Lite aluminum fittings to build a wall mounted display shelf for storing nutritional items. The shelf attaches to the wall and the floor. The poles support the wooden shelves with a fitting that is placed under a hole bored in the shelf. This gives the shelves a "floating effect". See this project for a similar concept.

Long selves like this make excellent use of wall space, and the pipe decor unifies the space to give a consistent, modern feel to the entire store.

If you're looking to outfit a new store, tap into our retail design team. We can help design racks, shelves and other retail fixture that will help you sell more product.

Pipe Dream Interior Design - Hyundai Showroom in S. Korea

Pipe Dream Interior Design

Pipe is hot in interior design. Pipe brings clean, industrial lines to any project and the biggest question out there is how best to work pipe as a medium for interior design. Many designs use threaded gas pipe which is difficult to thread and position correctly. Kee Klamp fittings solve the pipe conundrum. Instead of threading and welding, Kee Klamp uses a mechanical fastening system that allows pipes to be joined together with relative ease.

Architects designing the showroom for a Hyundai dealership in South Korea went all out in their use of Kee Klamp. Using pipe, they tied in several dimensions of the showroom ranging from the stair railing to the children's play area.

Pipe Railing for Stairways and Lofts

This railing isn't just a safety railing, it's a statement. Strong steel lines create a look of strength and modernity that runs throughout the showroom.

Pipe Railing Closeup

Pipe Railing - Hyundai

This railing is made with size 6 Kee Klamp fittings, verses the size 7 and size 8 fittings that are typically used for handrail applications. The smaller size has a multiplying effect that creates a strong visual impact.

Showroom Signage

The pipe theme continues in the signage supports. Pipe signage supports have built-in weight that makes them stable and durable. The connection to the theme adds to the impact of the environment... even in the parking lot.

Showroom Signage

M50-6 fittings are used as the connection points for the signage on this support.

Showroom Magazine Rack

This is not your standard magazine rack! Pipe framing supports the central board and then pipes are used to hold the magazines in place. This continuation of the pipe theme is pure genius. Wall dividers, like this one at Esquire HQ in Japan, can also be constructed in a similar manner.

Pipe Magazine Rack

Children's Play Area

If I were a kid, this is where I would want my parents to buy a car! Check it out, blocks, iPads, books, play cars, etc.... This place looks like great fun. The designer of this project continued to factor pipe into this portion of the showroom. Pipe supports make up the shelving units in the back of the play area. Pipe accents play a roll on both the back walls and the knee wall that surrounds the area.

Pipe Accents

Pipe Shelving

Are you inspired yet? If not, head over to our projects area. There you will find hundreds of other projects made with pipe. You can also find thousands of other pipe related projects on our Pinterest page.

Construct an Open Workspace with Easy to Build Desks

Easy to Build Desks for Open Workspaces

Every business requires one vital ingredient to make it work: people. There are lots of issues when it comes to managing this vital ingredient. One of those issues is: where will you put them all?! It's one thing to hire talented people, it's another thing entirely to give them a place to work.

Work places these days are taking on all kinds of shapes and styles. Some look like cubical farms, others like an endless set of doors. More and more, employers are opting for more open workspaces that give their people a place to talk, collaborate and share ideas. One such employer is Carrot.

Carrot is a full-service creative digital advertising agency. They've been in business since 2005 and like to spend their time ideating, designing, and building for big brands like Rolex, Target, Red Bull, MTV, Wilson Sports and more. Like any good business, Carrot is expanding.

Carrot wanted to achieve a couple of things with their new desks. First they wanted the desks to look good. Having a nice looking work environment is important in any industry, but especially in the marketing industry. They were also looking for desks that would be easy to build and simple to move and store. Their search led them to Simplified Building.

David Erickson gives us more insight into the story of how they found us:

We had a design for using threaded pipe and I was in the process of looking for sources online and I happened to come across a Pintrest post about Simplified … I dug into the Simplified Building web site and it was exactly what we needed. So I talked it through with my boss and we decided to purchase one basic table kit and prototype the design.

Here are a few things we liked about working with Simplified Building:

  • Customer service was great
  • Product was easy to assemble
  • We didn't have to go to a plumbing supply store and hassle with getting custom lengths cut
  • Product delivered to our door
  • We didn't have to do any complex engineering
  • It was easy to do business with Simplified Building

What we like the most is that anyone can assemble/disassemble the desks in case they need to be moved or we need to store them for some reason. The kits are robust, look good and really fit our design aesthetic.

Did I mention that customer service was great?

It's easy to see that David really enjoyed working with us and his tables came out great.

Carrot's Tables - Close Up

Carrot's Tables - Desk Collection

Carrot's Tables - Side

Carrot's Tables - Legs

If you're looking to expand your business with open workspaces, then consider our desk kits as an option for building some amazing work tables.

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