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Rochester Mini Maker Faire 2014 Wrap-up

Rochester Mini Maker Faire 2014 Wrapup

When we say that using Kee Klamp is child's play, we weren't kidding. At the Rochester Mini Maker Faire we presented a booth that allowed kids - young and old - to engage with our product. The exhibit was entitled "What Will You Build?" and it was great to see so many kids and adults dive in and use their imagination. It was great to talk to so many of you who were inspired to build something amazing with pipe and fittings.

What Will You Build - Box

Simplified Building Booth

Acton at the Faire

People were given the chance to build from a plan or build anything their hearts desired. Everyone loved building with industrial-strength Tinker Toys!

Kevin Playing with Fittings

Abby Playing with Kee Klamp

Kevin Playing with Fittings

The adult sized see-saw was a huge hit -- it was used constantly over the duration of the six hour event. The see-saw showed just how versatile and strong something built with Kee Klamp can be. In the near future we'll be posting complete instructions on how to build it.

Kee Klamp See Saw in Action

Kee Klamp See Saw

We raffled off one of our pipe and fitting "Maker Tables". Congratulations to raffle winner, Matthew Wan!

If you visited our booth, thanks for stopping by. If you missed us, don't worry, we plan to expand our exhibit and bring it to other Maker Faire's in the future.

Rochester Mini Maker Faire 2014 Wrapup

Black Friday Deals

20% off Kits and 10% off Fittings - Black Friday

All of Our Kits: Handrail Kits, Clothing Rack Kits and our new Desk Frame Kits are on sale for 20% Off from Friday, November 28th through Monday, December 1st ONLY.

We are also offering 10% of our standard cost on Kee Klamp and Kee Lite pipe fittings.

Coupon for Kits: BLKFRI14KIT

Coupon for Pipe Fittings: BLKFRI14FIT

Simple Table - Desk Frame Kits

Simple Table - Desk Frame Kits

These table frame kits allow you to order a custom sized industrial desk frame in a few simple steps. Add your own desktop to create a unique piece of modern furniture.

Simple Rack - Clothing Rack Kits

Simple Rack - Clothing Rack Kits

Clothing racks with an industrial flair! Our Simple Rack clothing racks have been used in retail outlets and homes across the globe. The easy to use modular fittings allow you to create a rack that will fit perfectly into any space.

Simple Rail - Handrail Kits

Simple Rail - Handrail Kits

Simple Rail handrail kits allow the homeowner to install a very strong, industrial quality handrail in a few simple steps. These railings are great for insurance compliance or for improving accessibility to a home for elderly occupants. Find the kit that works best for your stairs and read our customer testimonials that talk about how easy Simple Rail is to install.

Simple Rail - Handrail Kits

Kee Klamp and Kee Lite Fittings

Building with pipe has never been eaiser using Kee Klamp and Kee Lite pipe fittings. Build your next project utilizing the modularity and durability of slip-on pipe fittings.

The Weather Outside is Frightful

As I'm sure you've already heard the Buffalo area is recieving record snowfalls.

This is a picture of the warehouse in Buffalo, NY taken on Wednesday, November 19th, 2014:


Unfortunately, this is our main distribution hub for all of the United States and we have not been able to ship any orders since Monday. We are very sorry about the delays, but at this point there is nothing that can be done. We are waiting for the roads to be cleared and for the travel bans to be lifted.

We appreciate your patience as we try to recover from this devistating storm. We will be working overtime on Saturday to try and ship as much as we can.

The pictures are amazing. Here are a few if you haven't seen them already.


welcome to Buffalo ⛄ not even winter yet and they just got 70 inches. diablo.

A photo posted by Erick Moreno (@red_and_butter) on

I seriously would love to have snow like this. #Buffalo 😍

A photo posted by Haley Petrick (@rangahayhay) on

#route5 #southbuffalo #lakeeffect #buffalony #snowshoeing

A photo posted by Wander-Discover 🌍🌎🌏 (@duanelewis) on

What an adventure this has been. #buffalove #snowvember #southbuffalo

A photo posted by Kristy (@heykristyjo) on

He sure did.... #buffalo #storm #winter #frozen #icebucketchallenge #god #ny #state

A photo posted by Nicholas Gazzilli (@nickie__g) on


What Will You Build? - Rochester Maker Faire

What Will You Build - Rochester Maker Faire

The Rochester area is hosting its first ever Mini Maker Faire on Saturday, November 22nd, 2014. Simplified Building is excited to be a part of the maker movement right in our own backyard.

Initial interest is telling us that it's going to be a huge event.

Give us a shout out on twitter and tell us you're coming. #simplifiedbuilding

Simplified Building got involved with the very first Maker Faire in San Mateo, California back in 2006. We supplied the "Maker Table" which was a unique table for Makers to place their projects on. This was one of the first big opportunities for Simplified Building and it tied our story together with the Maker movement.

Simplified Building is coming to the Rochester event in a major way.

What Will You Build? Interactive Exhibit

Think "Tinker Toys™ for Big Boys". We'll be bringing a lot of Kee Klamp fittings and pipe so that you can get hands on. Build from a couple of simple plans, or opt for a free build. Kids and adults will have an opportunity to experiment with our unique building system.

Take a Ride on the See-Saw

We'll be bringing a massive see-saw built from Kee Klamp components. Keep an eye on our Facebook feed and I'm sure you'll see some pictures as the project comes together in the next couple of weeks.

Meet the Team

This will be an opportunity to meet the entire Simplified Building team in person. They are excited to get to know you and what you would like to build in the future. Our staff will be on hand to help you get a better understanding of how you can build something great with Kee Klamp fittings.

Enter our Raffle for Simplified Notebooks and T-shirts

We'll be giving away a bunch of Simplified T-shirts and notebooks (the paper kind). Be sure to visit us in our booth and sign up to be included in our raffle.

Looking forward to seeing you. Come say hi, we'll be in booth 71.

Industrial Apartment Upgrade - Pipe Desk, Coffee Table and Bed

Industrial Apartment Upgrade - Pipe Furniture

Industrial pipe furniture is a quick way to bring a modern feel to any environment. Building your own furniture is a way to cut down the cost, while achieving a distinctive look. Some people are opting to build pipe furniture with threaded fittings. While the threaded connections are cheap, they are hard to adjust, are not always "square" and are generally just difficult to work with. An alternative to plumbing fixtures are Kee Klamp pipe fittings. Kee Klamp fittings use a set screw locking mechanism which allows you to create pipe structures with relatively little effort. The fittings allow you to quickly assemble your project and are easy to adjust once installed.

One of our customers, Gabe Diaz, decided to take the plunge and upgrade his apartment with pipe furniture. He opted to use our galvanized Kee Klamp fittings. Below are the items he built to outfit his apartment.

Gabe got started in this project by building a standing desk. He liked building with Kee Klamp so much, that he expanded his project to include a coffee table and a bed frame. Gabe was able to build everything to his exact specification with very little effort.

The Standing Desk

Gabe Diaz Industrial Standing Desk

Gabe had something pretty specific in mind when he contacted our projects team about his desk. We were able to help him work through the design process and even created a SketchUp diagram to help him visualize the desk.

Gabe's standing desk has three different levels. The middle level on the right is the working surface. The tall surface boosts the height of an additional monitor. The lowest shelf can serve as storage for printers, routers and various other office items. The usage of pipe and fittings in this design are fairly economic. Here's a list of the parts that he used:

One of the more interesting parts about this desk is the way that it joins the cross members with angled fittings. The two 10-6s attach to the legs and then the 29-6s allow the cross members to come together.

Joining the cross members with angled fittings

The bottom shelf sets on top of all the fittings and has six points of contact. It is held in place by gravity.

See more pipe desks.

The Coffee Table

Coffee Table - Full

Gabe extended the industrial pipe theme into his apartment by building this pipe coffee table. He built the table top from rustic boards and attached them so that they appear to float. The second level of the coffee table is used to support the top and could be turned into a secondary shelf of it's own.

As an alternative, Gabe could have used M50s to connect the table top to the frame.

Pipe Coffee Table - Half

Pipe Coffee Table - Leg

Parts for the coffee table:

See more pipe tables.

The Bed

Pipe Bed

We were so excited that Gabe was building this furniture that we actually sent him a bed skirt for his new bed. This third piece pulled the pipe theme into the bed room. Pipe is great for building bed frames for a couple of reasons:

  • They're very easy to assemble and you can customize it to your liking.
  • They are easy to break down and transport.
  • They are durable so they won't get busted up in a move.
  • Best of all....they look awesome!

Pipe Bed - Headboard

Pipe Bed - Leg

Parts for the bed:

See more pipe beds.

If you've been inspired by Gabe's furniture check out the additional pipe furniture below.

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