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Home Blog Sit / Stand Work Desk for the Grain & Mortar Studio


Sit / Stand Work Desk for the Grain & Mortar Studio

Grain and Mortar Standing Work Desk

These beautiful sit-stand desks were designed and built by the folks at the Grain & Mortar strategy and design company. Looking to outfit their studio in sharp looking, custom desks, they stumbled across the Maker Table project on our site. Using the Maker Table frame, they had a custom-built wood top and front constructed by a local woodworker. The net result is an amazing looking desk that is both functional and beautiful.

Grain & Mortar Desk

Grain & Mortar Desk

Kristin from Grain & Mortar had this to say about the desks they built:

We just moved into a new studio in Omaha's North Downtown district. Our building is very industrial, and we wanted unique, non-Ikea desks that stood out. We also wanted to have the option to sit or stand while working. We came across the maker's desk, and decided to go for it. We built the frames ourselves, using fittings from Simplified Building and aluminum pipe from a local source. The wood tops & skirts were make by a local woodworking artist by the name of Peter Cales, owner of Measure Cut Cut Studio. We have two holes drilled in the top of the desk-one for cords, the other--well, lets just say it fits a pint glass quite nicely.

We agree with Kristin, these desks turned out great!

Grain & Mortar Desk

Grain & Mortar Desk

The Maker Table frame uses Kee Lite pipe fittings to make construction easy. Here are some of the pictures of the installation that show just how easy the construction can be. The parts necessary to build this particular standing desk are also listed below.

Grain & Mortar Desk

Grain & Mortar Desk

Grain & Mortar Desk

Grain & Mortar Desk

Grain & Mortar Desk

Grain & Mortar Desk

See even more pictures of these desks in our Flickr feed.

We can help you design the perfect desk!

One of the things that sets Simplified apart is our ability to help you design your desk. Consult with our projects team to get advice and design assistance. We enjoy helping our customers create something unique with Kee Klamp and Kee Lite pipe fittings.

Parts for Project

Qty Part Qty Part
4L61-6 - Flange 4L20-6 - Side Outlet Elbow
6L10-6 - Single Socket Tee 4105-6 - Sheeting Clip
4G100GS12GA - Legs: 37.5" (Shorter Desk) or 40" (Taller Desk) 4G100GS12GA - Depth Bars: 25"
3G100GS12GA - Width Bars: 55"

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