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Home Blog DIY Freestanding Pull Up Station and Workout Structure


DIY Freestanding Pull Up Station and Workout Structure

Freestanding Pull Up Station and Workout Cube

A customer built this pull up and workout station using Kee Klamp pipe fittings and pipe. The entire structure is 10’ tall and the width is 5’ on all sides. The side bars can be adjusted up and down through loosening and tightening the set screws in the pipe fittings. Here’s what Pete had to say about his project:

I recently built a three station pull up bar with a 10' horizontal cross bar for rope ascents. It's rock solid and was made possible by Kee Klamp Fittings! 

Pete was obviously psyched about what he was able to do with the fittings. Here is a quick run down on the materials:

In order to keep the cost of the pipe and shipping down to a minimum, Pete obtained his pipe through a local home store. The fittings for this project cost about $230.00.

If you want to use Kee Klamp fittings to build a custom piece of gym equipment talk to our projects team. We can assist you with your design.

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