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Grating Clips

Grating Clips are designed to attach metal or fiberglass grating to support structure from one side. Using grating clips, the grating can be laid down on the support structure and then attached from standing on top of the grating.

  1. GrateFix Clamp for Steel, Aluminum and Fiberglass Grating

    GrateFix Grating Fastener

    Starting at: $3.22

  2. G-Clip GG Fastens Bar Grating to Structural Members

    G-Clip GG

    Starting at: $3.89

  3. G-Clip GM Mounts Devices onto Floor Grating

    G-Clip GM

    Starting at: $7.54

  4. Grating Clip Secures Grating to Existing Steel Structure

    Grating Clip

    Starting at: $4.56