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Fast-Fit - Off the Shelf I-Beam Connection System

Fast Fit is an off the shelf engineered I-beam clamping solution to connect two steel I-beams together without the need for onsite drilling or welding. All you need to secure two sections together comes in one box. The system comprises a frame which wraps around the edges of the sections and slides into place to provide a position for the clamps to be secured. This frame makes the entire I-beam clamp easy to install.

Fast-Fit I Beam Connection System

The system allows for varying angles that can be easily achieved by sliding the I-beams relative to each other. See a complete listing of the angles that can be accomplished on the installation section.

The Fast Fit system delivers a guaranteed connection every time without the need for on-site testing or relying on the skills of the installer. No removal of the protective coatings on the existing steel or holes is required to make a connection. All that is required to complete a connection are simple hand tools and semi-skilled labor.

General Benefits of Fast-Fit

  • Convenience - Fast-Fit is an "off the shelf" product - no engineering assistance is required.
  • No drilling or welding is required on site.
  • Can be ordered online for quick delivery and installation.
  • No custom location plate is needed for quicker and easier installation. This also enables the I-beams to be installed directly touching one another (with no space in-between).
  • Fits a wide vaierity of beam sizes, including joining two different size beams.
  • Can be used to mount I-beams at varying angles.
  • Independendantly load tested.

Fast-Fit Offers Fast Installation

Watch this short video to see how quick the Fast-Fit I-Beam connection system can be installed.

Why Use the Fast-Fit I-beam Connection System

The matrix below will help you to understand why clamping together I-beams with Fast-Fit is a surperior solution.

Features Advantages Benefits
No drilling or welding to existing
No on-site power required Reduced installation time and no need to relocate cables, hoses etc.
Clamps directly to the existing structure No damage to corrosion protection and no weakening of the steel Flexibility and reduced on-site installation time
No heat or sparks generated No hot work permit is necessary Reduction in installation cost and administration time
No additional safety considerations Safe for use in hazardous conditions Peace of mind that the connection can be made without any hazards created
Installation by semi-skilled labor No need for specialist skills or equipment Reduction in labor and hire costs
Easy re-alignment of steel members Eliminates remedial work due to steel miss alignment Reduction in labor costs and provides on site flexibiity
Tested at a third party test facility Third party tested for use in tensile and frictional applications Confidence that the connection will perform as stated in the literature
Electro Galvanised Finish Corrosion protection is provided as standard meaning no post touch up or finish Reduction in installation time and confidence in the finish
Suits a wide range of steel sections A one stop shop for most connections Reduced sourcing costs for users
Guaranteed loading and factor of safety No on-site testing required or reliance on the skill of the installer Reduction in installation time and peace of mind that every connection will perform as stated
Flush steel to steel connection No location plate or spacers required Saves time on re-design due to height level changes


Save Time and Money with Fast-Fit

The following tables will allow you to compare the amount of time spent preparing and installating and I-beam connection.

Fast-Fit 5/8" Connection System

Connection Requirements Time (hrs) Details of Each Step
Engineering 0.1 The design time is reduced dramatically as the system works within stated parameters
Marking of steel 0.05 The marking is reduced as the connection is adjustable
Site set up 0.05 Product arrives in a kit ready to install
Assembly time 0.05 The assembly time is quicker than a bolted connection as no hole alignment is required
Tightening of bolts 0.04 Allowing 1 minute per bolt and nut


Welded Connection

Using a fully filleted weld connecting to red oxide or galvanized steel.

Connection Requirements Time (hrs) Details of Each Step
Engineering 0.25 Limited design work required apart from highlighting the position and penetration of weld
Apply for hot work permit 0.5 The issue time is set at 30 min which can be much longer
Marking of steel 0.25 The marking of the steel is minimum for a welded connection
Site set up 0.5 Time to move equipment, power cords and get machinery ready
Removal of corrosion protection 1 The whole area for the weld needs to be removed by grinding and is time consuming
Performing of weld (including equipment) 1.5 Based on a coded welder and equipment to make the connection
Touch up of Galv / Paint 0.33 Replacement of the galv/paint will not be as good as the original finish
Non destructive testing 0.33 Testing of the weld required to prove load capabilities


Drilling and Bolting

Using 4 x 5/8" A325 or M16 Grade 8.8 high tensile bolts.

Connection Requirements Time (hrs) Details of Each Step
Engineering 0.25 Detailing the positions and checking the integrity of the existing steel after adding holes
Drilling time of new steel
off site
1 Based on a flange thickness of 1/2 inch and 1/4 hr per hole (see cutting speed rates)
Marking of steel 0.25 The time required to mark the steel on site to ensure alignment with secondary member
Site set up 0.5 The time required to access power, get the drilling machine into position etc.
Drilling Time on site 1 Based on a flange thickness of 1/2 inch and 1/4 hr per hole (see cutting speed rates)
Positioning and alignment 0.5 Alignment of Primary and secondary steel holes on site
Assembly time 0.05 Very quick to assemble with only four bolts and nuts once steel is aligned
Tightening of bolts 0.04 Allowing 1 minute per bolt and nut


The Final Analysis - Time is Money!

The model above is designed to demonstrate the time that can be saved by using a Fast Fit system compared to either a standard welded or drilled and bolted connection. The majority of time and cost is saved by the reduction in preparation and labor time. This model does not include the potential for remedy work that may need to be carried out should the connection not be in the correct place. With the Fast Fit system this is quick and easy to do where as with a welded or drilled and bolted connection it is more difficult and time consuming.

Fast-Fit saves 3 to 4 hours over welding and drilling methods!

Order Fast-Fit Online

Because Fast-Fit is an off-the-shelf I-beam connection solution, you can purchase this product directly through our web site. If you have questions, please feel free to contact as well.

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