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ADA Handrail: Easy to Install, Economical, Fully Compliant

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Why Choose a Simplified ADA Handrail?

The Simplified ADA handrail system is made up of modular components. These components make the ADA railing easy to install. Instead of welding and pre-fabricating, the ADA railing goes together on site with handrail components that interlock with pipe.

Here are some basic reasons why we think that our ADA handrail system is superior to other solutions available on the market.

Our Handrail is ADA Compliant

Our components are designed to go inside the pipe and create a smooth railing surface. The ADA Act dictates a number of features which make a railing ADA compliant. You can see a complete listing of these ADA handrail rules in our ADA Handrail Standards and Guidelines. Every ADA handrail that we sell is designed by an experienced technician who is well-acquainted with the ADA standards. They will ensure that we send you the parts and pipe necessary to build an ADA compliant railing.

Our ADA Handrail is Economical

Building a railing made of clamp-on fittings can save you a bundle on installation costs. No welding or other specialized labor is required. Standard contractors or maintenance personnel can put together the railing on-site. Beyond savings in installation costs, our ADA handrail system will save money in long-term maintenance. The railing and fittings are completely galvanized, and because the pieces are mechanically fastened the railing will last up to seven times longer than a fabricated welded railing. See this video and chart comparing component railing systems to fabricated railing.

Our ADA Railing is Quick & Easy to Install

Simplified ADA handrail uses modular components. These fully-galvanized components are easy to connect. Most of our systems are assembled using only an Allen wrench and self-drilling screws. We can have a system to your site in a matter of days, not weeks or months. Once you have the product on site, the interlocking pieces of the handrail will quickly go together. See our ADA handrail manual for specifics on how each of the components connect together.

Our ADA Railing is Versatile & Modular

Whether the path that your ADA railing must follow is simple or complex, our ADA components can be used to make the area safe and accessible. The modular nature of the railing makes it easier to install in complicated or hard-to-reach environments. Because everything is being cut and installed on site, the chances of delay and error are greatly reduced.

We Will Help You Design and Present Your ADA Handrail

Obtaining an ADA handrail from Simplified starts when you send us a drawing or diagram of your site. Using your diagram, we will produce a 3D rendering of the railing. These renderings can be used to help you present the railing installation to other officials. The rendering will also serve as an installation guide for your ADA railing. See examples of these renderings further down the page.

You Have Our Customer Support to Back You Up

Our support does not end when the product leaves the warehouse. If you need assistance with installation, we are happy to help clarify installation instructions or help troubleshoot unanticipated difficulties. The bottom line is that you are buying more than a product, you are also purchasing the technical support you need to get the job finished.

If you are ready to start the quotation process, visit our ADA Handrail Quotation Request page. You can also explore the Simplified ADA handrail system further by clicking on the tabs above.

Video Overview of the ADA Handrail System

ADA Kits for Simple Railing Sections

ADA Handicap Railing Kits

Not every ADA railing job is complicated. Sometimes a simple handrail is needed to provide ADA compliant access via a short ramp or section of stairs. To accommodate these simple configurations we have a series of ADA handrail kits that can be purchased without design consultation.

ADA Handrail Kits

Example ADA Railing Projects

These renderings represent the different ways that our ADA railing system can be used to create an ADA compliant railing that fits your needs. Most customers come to us with the basic dimensions of the area that requires a railing. We then take that information and produce the drawings you see below. If you're ready to get a quote on your ADA railing, please visit our ADA Quote page.