What Size Pipe Should I Use?

Recently we had this question come up on our forums. We did some internal research and talked about it as a staff and below is a short guide to what size pipe you should use based on the application.


N.B. O.D.

Example Applications


1/2 0.840

Very Light Frames


3/4 1.050

Decorative Accents

Light Frames

Retail Stands and Racks


1 1.315

Racks (e.g. clothing)

Tent / Shade Structures

Greenhouse Construction

Light Duty Frames

Enclosures (e.g. Sports Netting)

Signage Supports

Retail Stands and Racks

Athletic Training (e.g. Pull Up Bar)


1-1/4 1.660

ADA Handrail

Standard Handrail

OSHA Guardrail

Medium Duty Frames (e.g Bed Frames)

Awning Frames


Heavy Duty Racks (e.g. Fire Wood)

Parkour (Gymnastics)

Tables / Benches

Custom Desk


1-1/2 1.900

OSHA Guardrail

Standard Guardrail

Parkour (Gymnastics)

Heavy Duty Frames (e.g. Solar Panel)


2 2.375

Extra Heavy Duty Frames (e.g. Storage Shed)

Overbuilt Railings

Weight Bearing Racks

Pipe Chart

Our pipe size chart gives you an idea of the relative sizes of pipe.

Video on Pipe & Fittings Size

Watch this segment of the Kee Klamp overview video to get an idea of how pipe and fitting size works.

This video will give you a more casual view of the difference between pipe sizes by comparing them to household objects.

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