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Truck racks come in numerous shapes and sizes. Building a truck rack with Kee Klamp fittings allows you to customize the rack to your vehicles exact size. In addition to to building the rack to your own specifications you can customize the rack at any point. If you find that you need to make it longer, taller, beefier after your initial construction you can simply add parts to the existing frame. Our fittings include a complete line of Add-On parts that enable you to quickly add to existing structures and frames.

The frame can easily be attached to the bed of the truck using BoxBolts. BoxBolts are expansion anchors that allow you the make a secure connection from one side.


Qty Part Qty Part
4L62-7 - Standard Railing Flange 2A10-7 - Split Single Socket Tee 1-1/4"
246-7 - Combination Socket Tee and Corssover 2L15-7 - 90° Elbow
2L45-7 - Crossover 477-7 - Plastic Plug
4LG62-7 - Neoprene Gaskets 8BG1Z08 - 5/16 BoxBolt Size 1
4A125SCH40 - A (Posts) - 3' - 0" 3A125SCH40 - B (Cross) - 5' - 9"
2A125SCH40 - C (Rails) - 121' 6"


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