Truck Mounted Mobile Gym for Personal Training

Truck Mounted Mobile Gym

When it comes to creative business models, you've got to hand it to the guys at The Trainer's Edge. They have designed a mobile cross training gym that mounts to the roof of their company truck. This gym allows them to take the gym experience right to the parking lot or driveway of their clients. The Trainer's Edge came to Simplified with the idea, and our projects team helped them to arrive at the right configuration for their mobile gym.

This short video shows the mobile gym in action.


The design of the mobile gym is straight forward. Several Kee Lite aluminum fittings are used to interconnect a framework of pipes that are then fastened to the roof rack of the truck. The top of the unit was designed so that the support bars could slide out from the main structure and then be supported from below. This simple design allows the gym to be assembled quickly on site, maximizing his time with the client.

Truck Mounted Mobile Gym Designs

Jason, from The Trainer's Edge, reports that the entire system is very easy to use and that his clients can perform a huge range of exercises using the mobile gym.

Truck Mounted Mobile Gym

This project and other gym projects show how Kee Lite fittings have made a place for themselves in the fitness industry. If you're building a fitness structure and would like some help from our projects team, reach out via phone or email and we'll be happy to help!

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