Surf's Up! Life Guard Chairs Made with Kee Klamp Pipe Fittings

Lifeguard Chairs Made from Kee Klamp

When it comes to Kee Klamp pipe fittings we're always on the lookout for new uses. Here is yet another creative use of the fittings that demonstrates their corrosion resistance. These chairs are located on the sandy and salty shores of a Cape Cod beach. In the current picture they are in their off-season location.

Lifeguard Chairs Made from Kee Klamp

The pipe is sunk into concrete to give the chair stability. The fittings and pipe are used to form the structure of the chair and even create an easy to climb ladder up the side of each stand.

Lifeguard Chairs Made from Kee Klamp

This close up shows you how well the galvanized pipe and fittings are resisting corrosion, even in a salt water environment! If the proof is in the practice, then we think you'll agree, that that Kee Klamp galvanized fittings are more durable and longer lasting that welded solutions.

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