Rock Solid Athletic Structures Made with Kee Klamp

Rock Solid Athletic Structures

Summer is here! Time to get outside and get active. Kee Klamp and pipe make a great foundation for all kinds of athletic structures.

This is what you'll love:

1) They are rock solid - industrial quality that can take a severe beating.

2) They can be easily disassembled - take them anywhere.

Here's a few ideas to get you started:

Parkour, Free Running Structures

Parkour, Free Running Structures

If you like Parkour, you'll love using Kee Klamp. These fittings are used in parkour gyms all over the United States and Europe. They build solid structures that can be endlessly configured.

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Obstacle Race Structures

Obstacle Race Structures

Obstacle racing is officially the in thing to do! We've helped design obstacles for some of the premier races including Spartan Race and Men's Fitness.

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Freestanding Ballet Barres

Freestanding Ballet Barres

These Ballet barres are portable and very stable. Built using Kee Lite aluminum fittings, they can also be made to attach to the wall.

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Lacrosse Nets

Think of a small, heavy ball being thrown at great force. Now imagine it coming into contact with a PVC structure. You get the idea! That's why you want to build netting structures with pipe and fittings!

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Railing for Your Steps

Crossfit Pull Up Structures

So, how many pull ups can you do? Yeah, that's what I thought. Crossfit is a great way to get in shape. Kee Klamp is a great choice for building versatile pull up bars.

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Shade Structure Built on a Solid Foundation

BMX Bike Obstacles

Event management is tough enough without making the structures more complicated. These BMX obstacles are made out of aluminum and can be broken down for easy transport.

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Personal Outdoor Gym and Workout Structure

Personal Outdoor Gym and Workout Structure

Take your routine outside this summer with a workout cube. Design a structure that facilitates the kinds of exercises that work best for your body.

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Heavy Duty Portable Soccer Goal

Heavy Duty Portable Soccer Goal

Most of the time when you think "portable soccer goal" you think "cheap piece of PVC junk." No longer! This project shows you how to build a heavy duty portable soccer goal out of pipe.

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Banner Support for Local Sporting Events

Banner Support for Local Sporting Events

From finish line to sponsorship banners, build a durable, reusable structure to hang signage.

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