Rear Projection Screen Kit

This rear projection screen kit debuted at the recent 2007 Fastener Trade Show held at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. It was the hit of the show. Obviously, the value at a trade show is that the exhibitor does not need to rent an expensive LCD panel or even worse yet try to carry a big flat panel to the show. The ROI payback is less than one trade show. The exhibitor can also use a simple laptop and LCD projector (something that most sales people have access to and travel with nowadays). This screen frame is made with durable 1" anodized aluminum schedule 40 pipe just as you see in the photo. The actual screen is a 36" diagonal (or 22" X 29 rectangle) and has a hologram look to it. The novelty catches the eye of the "show goer" and draws attention to your product line and company. This is also great for portable use on conference rooms, small rooms or even at home. Kit includes frame, screen and base.

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