Pipe Railing Between Wooden Posts

Wooden Post Railing - Boat House

When Justin from Alabama wanted to add railing to his wooden boat house on Lake Martin, he turned to slip-on pipe fittings to get the job done. Justin was able to add a three-rail guardrail between each of the wooden uprights simply and quickly by using fittings. He used two wall flanges for each section and attached the rail to the existing wooden structure.

Wooden Post Railing - Gate

He used hinged fittings, like the C58 Swivel Flange, to attach a gate and form the angled handrails that go up and down the stairs. Overall, it was a simple solution that looks great and was easy to install.

Wooden Post Railing - Boat House

Flanges like the 61 Wall Flange are easy to attach and can make the installation of a railing between two wooden uprights a snap. See similar railing, like this one on a dock in the Port of Rochester. If you're looking to install a railing, tap into our helpful project assistance. Our team can recommend products and solutions that will help simplify railing installation and maintenance.

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