Hoop House and High Tunnel Greenhouse Designs

According to a recent report by the AP, the government is spending millions on helping farmers to build hoop houses.

What is a Hoop House?

Hoop houses and high tunnel greenhouses are simple structures that help farmers extend the growing season. In the north this means extended days on the beginning and end of the growing season. In the south, this can mean extending the growing season to be year round.

Hoop House and High Tunnel Plans

Depending on your purpose and budget we have several hoop house and high tunnel plans on our site. These can be used to construct something inexpensive and temporary or something more durable and robust.

How to Attach Plastic Sheeting to a Hoop House

One of the more difficult aspects of building a hoop house it attaching the plastic to the structure. Snap clamps and grip clamps are the perfect tools for attaching plastic to the tubular structure of a hoop house. These are available in various lengths to help you attach to pipe in short or long sections.

Need Some Help Designing Your Hoop House?

Contact our projects team and we will help you understand what parts will work best for the scenario that you are facing.

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