Quonset Style Greenhouse Plans

In the plant-growing business, you cannot afford to have your greenhouse fall apart in the middle of the growing season. Even a few minutes of exposure to wind, rain, sleet or hail can ruin your crop and set you back thousands upon thousands of dollars. As a savvy businessperson, you also need to keep your expenses low to reap the maximum returns on all of your precious, fragile investments.

With all of the available greenhouse options out there, how can you be sure that the one you choose will be the one that best protects the backbone of your business? The Quonset style greenhouse is the one that is efficiently made from virtually indestructible Kee Klamp fittings is the one that you need to put your money, and your trust, into building right for the very first and very last time.

Quonset Style Greenhouse Definition and Benefits

Based upon the highly recognizable Quonset huts that were popularized during WWII, Quonset style greenhouses are semi-circular structures that resemble large, clear barrels, cut in half. The main advantage of Quonset style greenhouses are their freestanding architecture, which lets in the greatest amount of sunlight of any greenhouse design, including ridge and furrow greenhouses, ground-to-ground greenhouses, and gutter-connected, arch greenhouses. This extremely high amount of solar radiation is the best for cultivating your crops from seedlings into full-grown, mature plants.

Another added benefit of quonset style greenhouses is their simplicity of construction when built using Kee Klamp fittings. The ingenious, lock-in-place design allows you the security of setting up your Quonset style greenhouse without tedious, time-consuming welds or master carpentry skills. Best of all, since Kee Klamp fittings tear down as easily as they go up, you are free to move your greenhouse as needed.

Parts List and Plans for a Quonset Style Greenhouse

Whether you plan to build one Quonset-style greenhouse, or 100 to support your flourishing horticulture business, Kee Klamp fittings can take the guesswork out of constructing secure, custom-built structures that literally pay for themselves for years and years to come.

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