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Floating Bathroom Shelf

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The German DIY magazine, Selber Machen, featured this floating bathroom shelf using pipe, Kee Klamp fittings and some Lack components from Ikea. The shelves have a modern industrial look that will provide a lot of usable space to an unused bathroom wall. Of course there is nothing is limiting this shelf to the bathroom, using different color shelves or a different arrangement, you could use this approach for any room in your house.

The measurements on the diagram are in metric, see the parts list at the bottom of the project for the measurements translated into imperial.

Bathroom Shelf Project Steps .bathroom-steps IMG { width: 150px; } .bathroom-steps TD { padding: 10px; vertical-align: top; } On the underside of the shelf screw two of the Type 70 Rail Support flanges to the board. To attach the shelf box, the Type 61 Flange fittings are mounted centrally on the small shelf. The connection between the flange and tee connection is made with a short section of pipe. Use a couple of screws to connect the long boards to the shorter side panels. To obtain uniform spacing between the shelfs, measure the distances and then tighten the Type 10 Tee fittings in place. Customized It, Make it Your Own

The value of this project and many others on this site is not that you necessarily recreate this project exactly, but that you get inspired to do something totally unique.


Qty Part Qty Part
661-6 - Flange 215-6 - 90 degree Elbows
810-6 - Tee 670-6 - Rail Flange
2G100SCH40 - 1" Galvanized PIpe (63") (160 cm) 2G100SCH40 - 1" Galvanized PIpe (8") (20 cm)
3G100SCH40 - 1" Galvanized PIpe (48") (122 cm) 2G100SCH40 - 1" Galvanized PIpe (2") (5 cm)
510159099 - Lack Shelf (110 x 26 cm) 270103622 - Lack Shelf (30 x 26 cm)


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