Five Retail Rack Ideas Made with Pipe

Retail racks made with pipe and fittings give your store an industrial feel and are extremely durable. Built with schedule 40 pipe and galvanized fittings, retail racks built with Kee Klamp can be easily setup and broken down. Below are a few examples of retail racks that are made with pipe and Kee Klamp.

Retail Clothing Racks

Retail Faceout Racks

Retail Faceout Racks

Kee Klamp allows you to custom-design retail clothing racks in literally any imaginable shape and style. Notice how even just one Kee Klamp fitting connected to one small piece of pipe can be used as a clothing hanger.

Vintage Retail Kee Klamp Clothing Rack

The Endless Versatility of Kee Klamp Retail Clothing Racks

The industrial design of this Kee Klamp clothing rack perfectly complements the store's nostalgic d├ęcor. It is also important to note that the clothing rack can just as effectively complement a shiny and new" store facade. The rising worldwide popularity of Kee Klamp clothing racks lies within each unit's inherent ability to either stand out or blend into your retail store's chosen design scheme. For example, in the picture below, the Kee Klamp bridal boutique retail clothing rack subtly fades away from your eyes as they follow each of the bright, rich colors of the formal dresses.

Vintage Retail Kee Klamp Clothing Rack

Modern Clothing or Coat Rack

This ingenious idea from the minds of German DIY magazine Selber Machan originally showed you how to free up space in your home with a Kee Klamp clothing rack. However, you can also use the plans to turn any small amount of wall space in your store into a highly trafficked sales area.


Like retail clothing racks, Kee Klamp shoe racks are fully customizable, and can perform a slew of functions within your store. Take a look at the some of the numerous ways our local Reebok store used Kee Klamp racks as functional displays.

Kee Klamp Shoe Wall

This Kee Klamp shoe wall supports dozens of pairs of shoes.

Kee Klamp Shoe Table

This Kee Klamp table was constructed to quickly move product without taking up a lot of space in the store.

kee Klamp Mirror and Bench

This mirror and bench from the Reebok store attest to the fact that you can literally use Kee Klamp fittings to create anything you need to help you sell more products.


Industrial retail store owners often group similar items together in the effort to make multiple sales. This tactic works very well in this arena. However, to maximize each display's effectiveness, the ability to completely change the display to showcase new items, or capitalize on seasonal trends, must be easily available. Using Kee Klamp to customize the perfect industrial display case for your specific business is a smart way to take control over your yearly display schedule.

New Industrial Kee Klamp Retail Rack

These brand new industrial Kee Klamp retail shelves were all made in exactly the same size to be placed at different areas of the store.

Custom Floor Industrial Retail Rack

This tractor supply company built a custom Kee Klamp retail shelf to display items on both sides. Notice how the very top can also be used to display items for sale.


Kee Klamp electronics racks keep your inventory in its proper place without breaking the customer's line of vision. We can help you customize these racks to fit cell phones and cell phone accessories, desktops, laptops, tablets, cameras, TVs, eBook readers, GPS systems, and all other types of electronic devices.

Electronics Retail Racks

Trade Shows

Presenting your retail store in the most favorable light is one of the main goals of retail trade shows. You want your temporary structure to look professional, approachable, and indicative of your dedication to and passion for your chosen retail sales profession. We can help you design a retail trade show space that is easy to construct, and a breeze to break down using just common hand tools. The photo below shows how the stationery company Fawnsberg used Kee Klamp fittings to construct their beautiful, free-standing trade show structure.

Trade Show Retail Racks

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