Finish Line and Banner Support

Finish Line Banner Support

Kee Klamp fittings are no stranger to signage supports. Frequently Kee Klamp and pipe are used to create rigid structures which support vinyl banners. Kee Klamp makes an excellent choice for structures for a couple of reasons:

  • The huge selection of fittings make it possible to create a tubular structure of just about any shape and size.
  • The fittings are reusable and can easily be securly connected and reconnected.

Greg, from Stuart Road Racing, has built more than one finish line structure with Kee Klamp. The one picture above is his latest construction. To make the system easier to transport he has combined the use of steel pipe (for the base) and PVC pipe for the top section. Standard Schedule 40 PVCpipe fits fine into the fittings. Just keep in mind that structures made of PVC should not be considered weight bearing.

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