Amazing DIY Tree House

"Sky Barn" DIY Tree House

Channing Glover built an amazing DIY tree house for his son. He named the tree house "Sky Barn", but we feel like the design outshines the name.

"Sky Barn" Drawing

Channing started with a drawing of the design, incorporating two trees that had grown close together on his property. You can also see that he already had an idea for his accent color, which we think really helps make the tree house "pop".

Supports for DIY Tree House

Channing used LC58 Swivel Flanges to connect his base supports to the trees and the frame of the tree house. This gave him more flexibility than something like a rigid base flange would, allowing him to perfectly fit the support to the relative angle of the trees.

Side View of DIY Tree House

Channing also added some design accents that utilized Kee Lite aluminum pipe fittings. We think the custom Kee Lite handle and sliding door looks great and compliments the SkyBarn's rustic, but modern look.

Custom Barn Door for DIY Tree House

Below you will find a complete list of the fittings that sChanning used to build his tree house supports and design accents.

If you are looking to build your own tree house, but need help finding the right parts for your design, contact our projects team!

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