DIY Shade Structure in SketchUp

DIY Shade Structure in Sketchup View Project and Download SketchUp File Building portable, durable shade structures was one of the very first applications for the Kee Klamp. If you click on the link above you can download a shade structure designed in Google's SketchUp program. This is a 20' long by 10' wide by 9' high simple shade structure that can be made out of aluminum or cast-iron Kee Klamp (weldless) fittings, schedule 40 aluminum or steel pipe (or other kinds of pipe), and uv ray-blocking, and rain, sleet, and snow protection shade material. Any size shade structure can be constructed with Kee Klamp and pipe. And you can do it yourself. We can help you design any size shade structure. Please contact us if you have questions about constructing a shade structure.

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