DIY Kayak Trailer Rack

Kayak Trailer Rack

Brian, from South Carolina, likes to kayak with his friends! Doing so often requires transporting four to six kayaks to the put-in site. After trying it a number of ways that didn't work, he envisioned a kayak rack for his trailer that would allow him to transport up to six kayaks in a safe and secure way. In his research he came across Simplified Building and Kee Klamp fittings. Here's what Brian had to say:

I often carry 4-6 kayaks and strapping them down was always a job. The kayaks would also get scratched up when they rubbed up against each other. I decided to build a rack for my trailer. There was no way that I was going to be able to measure and have pipe cut and threaded to the exact lengths I needed. In the end I am glad I found your product. The Kee Klamps made it easy to assemble and rock solid. As a bonus the horizontal supports are also now adjustable using the Kee Klamps.


DIY Kayak Trailer Rack

Brian secured the main upright pipes into the trailer structure and then attached the horizontal supports with a few tees and elbows. The design couldn't be simpler and like Brian already said, easy to assemble and rock solid!

Here is a more in-depth look at transforming a utility trailer into a kayak trailer.

If you're thinking of designing a pipe structure of any kind, our team can help you understand Kee Klamp fittings and how they can be used to build just about any tubular support structure. Get in touch with our projects team to learn more, or get started designing on your own. Either way, dig into this great system which opens a broad horizon of construction possibilities.

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